Appreciating the Voice Acting Work of Robbie Daymond

Despite being still kind of new to the voice acting game Robbie Daymond is still someone that you can tell gets into his work. He’s had more than enough roles to get good at what he’s doing and since he started in 2014 has landed some seriously big acts that can make or break a person’s career. He decided that he wanted to act back in 1992 when he was just 10 years old and was cast in a theater showing of On Golden Pond. He’s received his BFA in Theater and his MFA from UNLV and has even taught at one of the locations that’s associated with the school. So when it comes to theater and what it takes to get into the industry he might just be one of the people that you might want to go and see considering that he’s been there, done that, and is still doing it. Being a voice actor primarily however a lot of people might not know about him unless they read the credits at the end of a particular animated feature or video game that he’s participated in.

One big voice that he’s done is that of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. A lot of people have done this voice over the years and a lot of them have done a fair job for what they were paid for. You could say that Robbie is just the next in line but that might be just a bit presumptuous since every last voice actor that’s ever voiced Spider-Man has contributed something to the legend and the character. He’s also been heavily involved with other projects that have allowed him to explore different eras and different characters that have tested his limits and forced him to think outside of the box a bit. The thing with voice actors is that when it comes to developing a voice they can easily store it inside whatever storage place in their mind that will hold it until they need it. But when it comes to actually devising a new voice for a new character, thinking outside the box is kind of mandatory, just as borrowing from the box can be just as necessary since a voice actor has to be able to utilize their own repertoire from time to time and hopefully make things sound different enough that their characters don’t all end up sounding the same.

Robbie tends to do a very good job of this even if there are times, and there are, when you can hear elements of one character in the voice of another. This is pretty common since unless a person can change their voice entirely and sound like someone else then various pitches and tones are going to repeated unconsciously or in a conscious manner so as to alter the voice of the character that’s needed. Voice actors tend to have their own bag of tricks just like any other actor and can call upon them at a moment’s notice at times in order to come up with something new or create something based upon a role they’ve already played. The creative process is fun to watch and listen to if one ever has the pleasure since some voice actors will work with different pitches, tones, and even sound effects to make their characters come off the way they want them to.

Robbie has been quite busy since 2014 since he’s done anime, animation, video games, and films alike, always being given some of the most influential characters in the production. He’s been well-received by many fans and audience members alike though it seems safe to say that unless someone is completely up on who’s providing the voices for the characters they watch Robbie probably isn’t widely known. There are more than enough people that take note of those that exist behind the scenes that will gladly notice their favorite voice actors and as a result his fame and notoriety is assured in some ways. Some thing it might be kind of a hard thing to be a voice actor since the level of fame that they receive will never be on par with live actors that are in front of the camera all the time and tend to soak in the adoration of the fans. But to be quite honest voice actors seem very happy with what they’re doing and don’t seem to sweat the lack of crowds or people that hound them for autographs. While some of them just don’t like crowds others are just happy with their job overall and love coming to work.

Robbie seems to be one of those folks as going into voice acting is more of a choice most times and becomes something that many actors tend to do because they love it. There does seem to be a lot of freedom in this profession.

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