Aquaman Pushed Back to Christmas 2018: Anyone Else Not Care?

If Aquaman were coming out in a month and I received word that the movie’s released was being delayed until Christmas of 2018 I might care.  Actually I’d only care if Aquaman were a movie I have interest in seeing.  As far as spending money to see Aquaman in the theater?  That’s not going to happen.  So when I heard that news that Aquaman was in fact being delayed it did absolutely nothing, but for those of you who marked your calendars, you’re going to have to make an edit.    The movie was originally slated for Oct 5th, 2018.  According to AV Club

Warner Bros. didn’t give a reason for the move, but it’s worth noting that that same Christmas-adjacent spot was recently vacated by James Cameron’s frequently delayed Avatar 2. That might suggest that the delay is because the studio has confidence in Aquaman’s ability to step up and anchor its lucrative holiday season, rather than there being something fishy going on with the film’s development.

For more updates on Aquaman I would high suggest following Jason Momoa and Zack Snyder on all their social media accounts.  Even though Snyder’s not the director of Aquaman he’s been giving us some sweet previews for Justice League 2, in which Aquaman will be a part.   So just to be clear, Christmas 2018, Aquaman.  Don’t go.

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