Are We Going to See a Knuckles Appearance in Sonic 2?

Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb is probably right in thinking that Sonic the Hedgehog will be given a sequel, especially since it’s been at the top of the box office for two weeks in a row. There are many people that would claim that this is because other, bigger movies haven’t been coming out at this time, but the numbers don’t lie since they put Sonic firmly at the top without any question. But the emergence of Tails at the end of the movie is enough to make people believe that there will be another movie forthcoming, though there’s no idea of when this could be. But a second movie would hopefully bring in Knuckles, the fiery-tempered Echidna that was Sonic’s enemy before turning friend and rival. Much like the blue speedster, Knuckles has a lot of the same abilities, though despite being slower than Sonic he’s much stronger and can actually swim. Those that played the games when you were younger know this irritating moment in the game whenever Sonic was presented with a water hazard. Knuckles’ immense strength also allows him to climb and to punch through objects without hitting high speeds, and to cap it off he can glide through the air by catching air under his dreadlocks. In other words, he has certain advantages that Sonic doesn’t, but the overall speed thing is still held by the blue-furred hero.

Flooding the next movie with characters might not be the best idea, but bringing back Dr. Robotnik, who reportedly goes insane at the end of the movie and still has one of Sonic’s quills, would be a good idea since Knuckles has been tricked by the doctor in the past and could therefore be used as the antagonist he came in as. For those that know a little bit about Knuckles you’ll likely remember that his clan guarded the Master Emerald, which controls the Chaos Emeralds that are a big part of the Sonic series. Unfortunately since Knuckles spent so much of his life atop a floating island with his clan he’s a bit naive and easily tricked, as is evidenced in the Sonic series when Dr. Robotnik managed to make use of him. Thankfully once he gets a little bit of life experience under his metaphorical belt Knuckles learns who he can really trust. It would be great to see him in a second movie since it would deepen Sonic’s story a bit and add another level that fans of the blue hero would likely enjoy seeing. Even better would be if the picture above is indicative of what we could expect.

It’s easy to think that if the studio had gone ahead with the first version of Sonic that we were given that the movie might not have done as well, though it’s also a credit to the studio to realize that they kind of fell short of the mark. I’ll admit to being one of those that told people to grow up and get over it, which is common when fans decide to rant and rave that something isn’t the way they wanted it. In this case the fans were right, the human teeth and the overall look that Sonic was given was kind of disturbing as compared to the more cartoonish appearance he was finally granted. In the case of live action characters vs. cartoons it’s usually better to see a more cartoon-like image if it’s possible rather than trying to make things too real, as people aren’t always pleased with reality and how it’s presented. In the case of Sonic though the fans’ outcry was long and loud since the image they received at first didn’t track well at all. People wanted the blue cartoon version, they didn’t want the strange and almost horrible representation that might have made little kids cry.

Given how long it took to bring Sonic to the big screen the first time it’s easy to think that we might not be seeing a sequel for some time, but hopefully it won’t be long enough to eliminate any possibility of the cast returning. One of the best parts about the movie after all was the cast and how they managed to work together in a way that created a movie that was easily better than anything out there at the moment. Some might want to argue that Birds of Prey deserved the top spot but enough moviegoers made it plain and clear that they would rather watch a cartoon hedgehog cracking jokes and zipping around the screen than a movie about the post-breakup Harley Quinn and what she planned to do upon becoming a free woman. Sonaiya Kelly of the Los Angeles Times has more to say on this matter. Personally, Sonic does sound like a better movie if only because it doesn’t feel as though it’s preaching about anything as it tries to entertain the audience.

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