10 Things You Didn’t Know about Arkansas Mo

Arkansas Mo, was born, Maurice “Mo” Fayne and hails from Little Rock, AK. Arkansas Mo is what this businessman goes by on social media, and it may not sound familiar to many, but if you are a fan of the reality show, Love & Hip-Hop, Atlanta, then you may at least know a little about him. Mo started becoming a more popular figure in the media, not because of anything he’s done, or show he’s been a popular figure on, but more of who he’s with. And yes, she’s from the show, Love & Hip-Hop, Atlanta. Mo is the owner of his own business and does quite well on his own, but he’s realizing that being tied to a popular rapper/song writer has thrown him into a whole new light. Keep reading to find out who he is or learn 10 things you didn’t know about Arkansas Mo.

1. He’s famous for who he’s with

Karlie Redd is a model, actress, and singer but perhaps she’s best known for her role on Love & Hip-Hop, Atlanta. She’s been on the show since it aired in 2012 and according to Supurbhub, it’s because of Redd, that Mo began to breakout into the spotlight. He’s been dating Karlie Redd for a while, although they didn’t make it public for some time.

2. He owns a trucking company

Mo doesn’t work in the entertainment business, but he is a businessman and a pretty big one at that. He makes a lot of money running his own trucking company known as, Fayne Trucking LLC. According to ecelebritymirror, the company was started in 2012 in Little Rock, AK. He’s grown the company over the years, creating a strong business that’s profitable enough to support the lifestyle he wants to lead.

 3. You won’t find much about him on social media

You can look Arkansas Mo up on social media and see that he’s got an Instagram and Facebook account, but they’re kept private so you won’t see anything personal about his life. He keeps everything personal, so don’t expect to see photos or other regular updates on his life unless you request to follow him and he accepts.

4. He lives in Texas

He may have a trucking company that operates out of his  hometown, Little Rock, AK, but he’s made his primary home in Dallas, Texas, and travels between the two states as needed.

5. His company had some trouble

Although not much is known about the details, Mo’s trucking company apparently faced some legal issues in 2014, however, the company seemed to make it through as it is still up and running today, and running strong.

6. He lost a brother

Since not much is known about the guy who won Karlie Lewis’s  heart, there’s not much known about his family, however, what we do know is he had a brother named Theo who unfortunately passed away approximately 12 years ago. It appears Mo was close to his brother, or at least wanted to remember him as he paid tribute to his brother Theo in March of this year.

7. He’s engaged

Once the cat was out of the bag about Mo and Redd, Mo decided he wanted to make his commitment forever, and as of July 19, 2018, the two are engaged. There’s no date set, but hits are that the wedding could be next year. It’s the first relationship since she broke up with Grammy-nominated artist, Sean Garrett. According to reports, she later had an on-and-off fling with Yung Joc. And many thought they’d end up together.

8. His fiance used to date a Grammy-nominated artist

Mo’s fiance has had a number of relationships, but Mo is her first one since she dated singer, Sean Garrett. He was nominated for a Grammy, proving he’s made a successful career for himself, but the two didn’t last, and now Mo is reaping the benefits of Garrett’s loss.

9. The proposal was a total surprise

Mo owns a big trucking business, he’s dating a big star, so why not go ‘big’ when you plan your proposal? That’s exactly what he did, too, when he planned to pop the question at Redd’s track release, Ferrari Karlie. Mo completely surprised her when he got down on one knee in front of everyone and presented with the proposal shock of her life.

10. He gave her an enormous rock

Not only was Redd shocked with her man asking her to marry him, but with the size of the ring that came with the proposal. According to earn the necklace, Mo presented Redd with a box that was designed with a little LED screen inside. When Redd opened it, she was surprised to see a little slideshow that captured the couple’s time together. Apparently she was so enthralled with the presentation, she had to have someone point out the enormous ring inside. Rumor has it, that it’s at least 9 karats!

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