Arrested Development Season Five is Coming…Someday

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Never fear, Arrested Development fans. A fifth season of the show is coming to Netflix, according to its chief content officer, Ted Sarandos. The problem? There’s no exact date, as the primary problem with the show requires coordinating the schedules of a lot of very busy and talented people.

“It’s just a matter of when,” he said, but he also relayed that he was “positive” that a fifth season would be coming.

This echoes what Mitch Hurwitz has said in the past about there “definitely” being a season five. Though Hurwitz also mentioned that he’d like to perhaps to a movie before season five, given the complications with the actors’ schedules. A three month movie shoot is easier than filming a 12-13 episode show, after all.

I think it really is going to be necessary to make sure EVERYone is on board, all at the same time, for season five. I liked season four more than most people, in terms of its individual lines and callback jokes, but the general structure of the season was a mess, jumping between three or four different timelines, having each episode focus mainly on one character. This was all done because of scheduling constraints, but it made the cast feel pretty empty at times, and there were moments where they were literally greenscreening in people who physically could not be in the same room together. That can’t happen again.

Arrested Development is an ensemble show, and therefore it needs its ensemble together in more than just a handful of scenes over the course of the entire season. I’d love to see a season five, but only if they end up doing it right.

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