10 Things You Didn’t Know about Arslan Senki

One thing about anime is that like any other genre it never seems to run out of material to be found or to be reminisced over. Arslan Senki was the subject of one such show that aired years back and has been the subject of interest for some time among fans that still remember the show and the manga. Anime definitely takes its stories very seriously despite the fact that some of them are supposed to be for kids and others are for the most part supposed to be for anyone. One thing about this character however is that he might be easy for some people in this era to relate to since the effeminate male has for a long time been something that a lot of people have looked down upon, but is now beginning to gain a great more respect in society. If the anime was to ever make a comeback it seems like it would be welcome among many fans at this point.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Arslan.

10. He appears as a very frail and effeminate male.

It’s odd in a period piece such as this no matter that it’s entirely fictional to see a young man that is so fair of face and features be pushed as a would be hero since a lot of people throughout the ages have liked to see their heroes be notably strong and well-built. It is a contrast, but not a bad one to be honest.

9. He’s a prince.

Seeing as how the manga and the original anime came out decades ago people wanted to see more stories about nobility and royalty than they did about the common individuals that rose to prominence from the gutters. That’s obviously changed throughout the years but there are still people that want to see the upper echelon society and hear their story.

8. Normally he’s a very kind character.

Arslan gained a reputation for being kind to just about everyone and lamenting the loss of life through fighting, both those of his own soldiers and those of his enemies. This level of empathy isn’t usually seen to this degree but it is an interesting addition all the same.

7. At his worst he can be quite unforgiving.

Like everyone Arslan does have his breaking point and when it comes to others harming those he really cares about he can in fact become a nightmare to those that oppose him since he uses his emotions on a level that can be downright scary when he wants to invoke such a presence.

6. He lived primarily outside of the palace in a much simpler residence.

This was likely to keep him safe and under the radar of anyone that might want to harm him but it does start to fall back on the idea of being deposed as nobility until he can finally grow strong enough and wise enough to approach those that are standing in his path.

5. In Turkish Arslan means ‘lion’.

This does fit as it seems to imply that he’s a young lion looking to find his way back to prominence and take back what’s rightfully his. But when you think about it like that you might start to realize it’s roughly the same premise as The Lion King.

4. The story was made into a video game.

You kind of had to expect this to be honest since anime and video games kind of go hand in hand sometimes, as do manga and games. Anything that a game producer figures can catch the eye of fans is something that may very well be put into motion when it comes to making another few bucks.

3. The most recent version of the story was ran on TV up until 2016.

Some anime has a short shelf life it seems and others tend to come back now and again for another try as though the fans tired of them at first and were then given another glimpse just to tire of them again. It’s kind of odd how those cycles go but it’s also kind of obvious that it happens everywhere.

2. He has many people that would gladly lay their lives down for him.

Arslan is not without friends as he has those that aren’t exactly friendly but they do stand up for him and help him along his way throughout the story. If not for them it’s kind of likely he wouldn’t get far, but thankfully they’re there FOR him, not just with him.

1. He turns out to be a benevolent ruler.

It’s a dream sometimes to think that a ruler could actually be there for the people as Arslan turned out to be. A wise, benevolent ruler is someone that a lot of people would love to see after all and would gladly respond to.

The show is worth checking out.

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