When Oldschool Disney Characters Meet Star Wars

You’ve got to love what happens when some people’s imaginations run wild, such as these old school Disney characters being integrated into Star Wars. Isaiah Stephens is a true genius when it comes to the artwork that’s produced and the ideas that are formulated within them. For instance looking above to see Ursula as Jabba, or perhaps Ursuba or some other iteration, is just awesome. And of course Ariel would have to take the place of Leia, because who else would? But this would also mean that eventually Ariel would show just how brave and determined she is since you know how Jabba goes out. Art like this is fun to take note of since it gives a real insight as to what the artist likes to draw and creates new ideas that continue to inspire others.

Plus I’m a big Star Wars fan so hearing me say anything negative is rare.

Via Isaiah Stephens:

Call me nuts but I don’t see Maleficent taking orders from someone that she might see as an inferior. Of course if the wicked queen from Snow White could in fact tap into the Force she might be a lot more formidable and therefore more of a match for the Force-wielding nightmare that is Maleficent. Together these two are a whole new breed of bad and if it came to ruling the galaxy I get the idea that they’d do a dang sight better in some regards than Palpatine, who liked to play games way too much with his enemies. Ever notice that? The bad guys just toy around with the heroes way too often and eventually orchestrate their own downfall out of arrogance. I don’t get the feeling that the wicked queen would do this.

Maybe Stitch would be a wise Master Jedi if he grew up and acquired some wisdom, but in his current incarnation I don’t know as I would be taking lessons from the little blue guy on account of his fun-loving and sometimes unpredictable nature. Lilo might be a good student but taking advice from Stitch seems like it would be inviting trouble at first.

Okay, the dwarves as Ewoks makes sense, but I’m not so sure that you’d want a whole village filled with creepy little men like this, especially if there were multiples of Dopey. Sure they pulled together when it was time to chase down the evil queen, but against the Empire I’m not to sure that you’d want part of the army falling asleep, the other sneezing their brains out throughout the battle, and another part just doing, whatever it is that Dopey does.

So there’s no real way to tell if a storm trooper is male or female until they talk, meaning that the Empire could have been employing men and women behind that armor for a while. Plus each trooper has to be in great shape to fit into their armor so unless a woman was well-endowed it still wouldn’t be noticeable. In fact to date the only female trooper that’s been seen outside of comics and in the books is Captain Phasma, and she’s positively terrifying.

He’s got the size and strength of Chewbacca with an even worse attitude. Belle though, however much of a risk-taker she might be, is still not quite the rebel that Solo was. But the pairing works for the drawing and is kind of amusing to look at.

Isaiah, you’ve got some serious talent.

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