10 Things You Didn’t Know about Astrid Loch

Astrid Loch

One might call this era the ‘Rise of the Reality Stars’ since quite honestly there seem to be a lot of them trending these days and to be certain there are those that might have talents that will make them even more notable in the years to come. But then there are those that seem as though they might not have anything other than their brief time on camera to really go on. Astrid Loch might not be one of those that will go away that easily but at the same time it doesn’t seem as though her stint on the Bachelor shows has really nabbed her anything other than a boyfriend and a bit of repute. At this time a lot of people might wonder who she is even if she’s being pushed in front of the public by those that think that she’s worth trending about. Who knows, maybe something will come of it eventually.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Astrid.

10. She’s not a big fan of horses.

Apparently she had a bad experience with a horse in the past and hasn’t been too thrilled about getting back in the saddle since. There are those people that don’t trust or don’t like heroes and it’s pretty common really since you’re putting your faith in an animal that outweighs you by several hundred pounds and hoping that they won’t simply buck you.

9. Her social media presence is pretty substantial.

Astrid does have a lot of fans it would seem and there’s a good chance that her numbers might increase or at least stay where they are for the time being. Enough people are still into the Bachelor both past and present to have interest in connecting with those that are still around that have been on the show.

8. Astrid has been on a couple of different Bachelor shows.

This seems to be becoming a common practice for many people to show up on multiple Bachelor shows since obviously the chance to fall in love, win the competition, and even get paid is definitely a bonus. But one would think that once they’ve found love that a person would quit since the idea is that you don’t go on a show like this unless you happen to be single. Astrid doesn’t seem to have been one to do such a thing, but some folks have either broken up with their significant other or simply auditioned to be on the show.

7. Before joining The Bachelor she worked in a plastic surgery office.

It sounds as though she was an office manager and helped the patients schedule their appointments, which makes it sound as though she was quite important where she was. That seems like the kind of woman that a lot of guys would like, someone that’s not afraid to get in there and work and be independent in their own way.

6. Her boyfriend was also on the Bachelorette.

So they share a couple of things in common to be honest, and one of them is being a reality star. Chances are they can bot relate to pretty much anything that goes on during the show and after since they had to go through a lot of the things.

5. She’s famous for being a reality TV star.

It would seem that a lot of people can make this claim these days and in some cases it almost seems as though the number of reality stars might be getting close to rivaling those celebrities that have actually made their careers in TV and the movies. It might be a ways yet before their numbers are just as plentiful but there certainly seem to be a lot of reality stars out there.

4. Astrid is in her 20s.

There’s a lot of time left for her to do something with her career if she decides to try and make one in show business, but given what plastic surgery costs it might almost be considered just fine to stay where she’s at and have a semi-career on TV.

3. Her net worth is around $150,000.

It’s kind of curious to think how much reality stars get paid since it would seem to depend on the show more than anything. Consideirng that Teen Mom stars have been paid more than this in the past it stands to reason that other shows might pay just as much or far less depending on how influential they really are.

2. She’s a very active person.

When she’s not working it appears that Astrid and her boyfriend are on the go quite a bit either in a local sense or making their way to other locations for vacation.

1. Obviously she loves to travel.

Just going by her Instagram pictures it’s easy to assume that Astrid isn’t a person that likes to stay in one place all the time, which is easy to understand.

Reality stars are here to stay obviously.

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