Aubrey Plaza on Celebrity Game Night Tonight

Normally I don’t post on this site after five, but I just wanted tell all you that Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Rec is going to be Celebrity Game Night tonight, and if you know anything about Plaza, it is that when she goes off script and just kind exists in her element that she shines, and considering the show is unscripted, safe to say tonight might have some great, memorable moments for fans of Plaza like myself. It’s gonna be a Plaza-lover’s delight at 10 p.m tonight on NBC.

Other noteworthy guests appearing along side the Daria-esque beauty will be Felicity Huffman, Molly Shannon, and Kristen Chenoweth, who, in reality, is the complete opposite of Aubrey Plaza in every way, which should make the dynamic and should make some of their exchanges on the show priceless. It will be like Debbie Downer facing off against Rainbow Bright. This could really be the most amazing thing ever.

And do you guys remember what happened last time Aubrey Plaza was on TV when there was alcohol involved? She stormed the stage at the MTV movie awards and tried to rip a golden popcorn statue out of Will Ferrell’s hands, so this should be amazing, because they sometimes can be seen hitting the wine on this show. So as you can see, I had to let you all know to tune in while there is still time. This is amazing.

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