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Joe Burgett has been writing online for nearly 15 years and has published more than 5,000 articles since he began his career. Most of those were in the entertainment sector too. He has written for places like Screen Rant, The Richest, Fansided, The Gamer, Inverse, The Inquisitr, CBR, What Culture, Nerd Much, and many more. He operated as Lead Editor for during the site's 2017 comeback project. Joe also worked as the Managing Editor for Men's Gear from 2018 to 2019. He also wrote for both websites. Today, he owns websites like,, among others. Joe also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy & Public Service w/ a Minor in Political Science from Arizona State University. Currently, he is working toward his Master's Degree in Education Administration: Curriculum & Supervision from the University of Oklahoma. Oh, he also likes long walks on the beach and his love language is "quality time."

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