Avengers 4 Filming Has Begun: What we Know so Far

Avengers 4: Infinity War, is now looming on the horizon and is set to hit theaters in May 2018. Thus far no footage has been shown outside of Comic Con and fans are starting to get antsy about what could possibly happen in this new and upcoming epic that will pit the MCU against the purple-skinned Titan known as Thanos. Fans of the comics already know that among bad guys Thanos is one of the worst. The guy reveres death and gladly wiped out half of the known universe with but a wish to appease Lady Death in the Infinity Gauntlet epic. The golden, gem-studded gauntlet is what allows Thanos to be so godawful powerful, but even without it he’s plenty strong on his own. This is a guy that has actually slapped the Hulk away like a child, and has gone toe to toe with the Silver Surfer and Galactus, though not at the same time. He’s a beast to be certain when it comes to his power levels, and bearing the gauntlet it’s seen that he is nigh unstoppable. But he’s also a bit arrogant, as a lot of bad guys are, and this plays into the reason behind why the Avengers will at least have a fighting chance.

Here are a few things we know about the upcoming epic so far.

There are going to be A LOT of superheroes in this film. 

In the original comic series of the Infinity Gauntlet a wide range of heroes and their teams were tapped to take on the mad titan. Everyone from the Fantastic Four to the Avengers to the X-Men were enlisted to band together and combat this threat. That would have made for a film that would have begged to be much longer just to satisfy all the egos in the room. However, this version has only 16 heroes that are not entirely confirmed thus far. A good number of them are bound to make into the film, such as Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and several others, but thanks to the snafu between Marvel and Sony some of our favorites won’t be able to be represented as we’d like.

Characters are going to die.

In the original series a lot of characters could have died right off the bat when Thanos snapped his fingers and killed off half of the universe. But then a lot would have still died during the battle with Thanos because he was JUST TOO POWERFUL. Honestly, the guy turned Thor to glass, had his woman beat Spiderman’s brains in, decapitated Iron Man, broke Captain America’s neck with a single punch, and tore Vision apart with one hand. There’s not a lot that hurts Thanos, and if the movie is going to use any of the source material from the comics he will be just about unstoppable until his arrogance is put into play. If anything can beat him, it’s the fact that he is kind of a colossal braggart.

A lot of people are already starting the countdown to showtime. Are you counting the days already?


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