10 Awesome Riverdale Fan Theories Going Right Now

Three seasons into the show, and Riverdale is still going strong. At first, it was difficult to imagine the beloved comic translated into a mystery/suspense show. However, the creators of Riverdale have done an excellent job of transforming the characters into something alive and thriving. It’s been three years, and we can safely say that we’re still hooked. Fans have been left confused and pining for answers with each episode ending. With the end of season 3 looming, fan theories have abounded online left and right, and they’re nothing short of mind-blowing. Here are 10 of the best Riverdale fan theories that are circulating right now.

1. Hal’s not dead.

This is an easy one. Riverdale fans were quick to dismiss this event because it was just so unbelievable. In Season 3 Episode 19, Fear the Reaper, Betty Cooper’s father Hal was killed off from the show. However, the circumstances surrounding his death were so random, it left fans more doubtful of his death more than anything. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Hal come back into the show somehow, and when he does, we’d feign surprise even though we suspect he’s alive (and probably hurting) somewhere. Just as Express said in an article, show us the body, then we can talk.

2. Kurtz is also Charles.

It’s easy to play detective when you’re watching Riverdale. Actually, it’s hard to resist. When Chic came into the picture in season 2, we were immediately interested about his backstory. We later found out that he was actually an impostor, and that Charles Smith, the son of Alice and FP, was actually dead. We were introduced to a new character in season 3, Kurtz, and many fans believe that he’s actually Charles Smith–alive and well.

3. Kurtz is the Gargoyle King.

There have been many speculations as to who the Gargoyle King might be. The show even hinted on specific characters only to debunk the hints in later episodes. Yes, we also thought it was Tall Boy at first. However, recent events in the series led us to believe that the Gargoyle King must be the leader of the Gargoyle Gang. That’s none other than Kurtz himself. According to Elite Daily, Tall Boy was nothing but an impostor–someone just dressing the part. Kurtz on the other hand seems to be the real deal.

4. It’s all just a game.

This fan theory is one that really makes us scratch our heads. One theory suggests that the entire show of Riverdale is nothing but a game of Gryphons and Gargoyles. There’s a lengthy Reddit thread discussing the possibility of this theory. According to one suggestion, everything that happens on the game also happens in real life. Could it be true? With a show like this, nothing is really impossible.

5. Jughead’s not just telling a story.

We all know from the pilot episode that Riverdale’s story unfolds as a narration by one of its principal characters, Jughead. However, episodes in the past have shown that Jughead has been unreliable as a storyteller. Comicbook.com states that with his recent investigations into Gryphons and Gargoyles, Jughead is more likely to be a gamemaster than a storyteller. What if this was the case and Jughead’s game manipulations actually control things happening in real life?

6. Jason’s death was fake news.

Could it be that Jason Blossom is actually still alive? Fan theories have suggested just that fact. While his death set off the entire series, there’s many reason to believe that he might actually be alive still–and what a twister that would be. There’s video evidence of Jason’s death, but Toni, Cheryl’s girlfriend, explained in Episode 18 from Season 3 that videos can easily be faked these days. If Jason Blossom is still alive, we’d have to sit him down and ask him all the questions that we’d have.

7. Here’s another one of Alice’s possible sons.

Chad Michael Murray’s Edgar Evernever character in Riverdale has been active in the show this season. In Episode 18, Betty did her own investigations on Edgar’s true is, and she came up with absolutely nothing–no surprise there. We’ve since discovered that Edgar is married to Evelyn, and Evelyn is actually 26 years old. Even with all those details and even though the numbers may not align, many fans still suggest that Edgar could still be Alice’s long lost son, Charles Smith.

8. The Blossoms made a damning deal.

No one could be as sinister as the Blossoms, and according to Teen Vogue, the sinister might be literal. All fans are familiar with the Blossom family curse. Twins run through their bloodlines, but one twin always meets an unruly fate. The other twin almost always brings upon this fate. However, fans are just now thinking that there’s a chance the Blossoms might have made an actual deal with the devil to bring upon this curse. You can’t ever put it past them to do something so evil.

9. Archie and Jason are half brothers.

Sound a little too far-fetched? Maybe. But nothing is impossible with a show like Riverdale. Bustle reports that this situation might have happened if Mary had an affair with Edgar Evernever before settling with Fred, Archie’s dad. Is it really difficult to imagine Archie and Jason Blossom as somehow related? Just look at the hair. That’s hint enough for days. Once Jason comes back into the picture this season, which everyone is predicting to happen in the last couple of episodes, we’ll know for sure.

10. It’s time for the Reggie Mantle triangle.

In the comic books, Archie’s biggest rival for Veronica’s affection is Reggie Mantle. We have yet to see this on the show, but with the Archie-Veronica relationship on the rocks now, it might be time for Reggie to step in. This might not sound all to crazy for a fan theory, but let’s just add in a few other details to make it interesting. Fans believe that the love story is going to evolve more into a love square than a triangle. We might see Archie and Betty’s endgame story begin to unfold, while Reggie and Veronica’s start to happen. Or the show might completely bring in someone new–or bring back someone already dead.

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