The Awesome Way Dwayne Johnson Surprised One Young Rampage Fan

It seems that Rampage has been doing better than was predicted, but one young man will forever remember his night at the movies thanks to Dwayne Johnson and the awesome way he helped to commemorate the evening. The 12-year old, whose name is Vinny, was given this special opportunity when Johnson decided to show up at the screening of Rampage in a local theater. If that wasn’t a special treat all on its own someone in Vinny’s group decided to belt out that it was his birthday. Johnson, being the crowd-pleasing celebrity that he is, decided to bring the young man up on stage and sing Happy Birthday to him. You can fully imagine that Vinny won’t be forgetting this night anytime soon.

Seriously, how often do you get a celebrity singing Happy Birthday to you right after you’ve watched their movie? Johnson is known for doing this kind of thing, showing up to theaters to help promote his movies, simply because he loves this perk of the job. He’s definitely a people person and gets into what he’s doing quite a bit, even if he is a superstar and is constantly on the move. The fact is that he takes time out for his fans now and again and that’s one of the nicest parts of who he is. Back in the WWE he might have been a little caustic at times but when he hit his stride as the People’s Champion and became the face of the WWE for a while he was absolutely loved by the fans. Even now WWE fans remember him fondly and can attest that he seems to get into what he’s doing without any reservation. That’s the kind of star that people can look up to since he seems to genuinely care about the people that are helping to keep him on top.

On another note Rampage is doing great in the box office it would seem since it’s actually topped the Tomb Raider reboot and has become one of the most successful movies based on a video game. Upon looking at the idea of bringing this game to the big screen a lot of people, myself included, were a bit skeptical at the implications that it could be anything more than another cheesy film that was so poorly done that you’d watch it once and then forget about it. Thankfully a lot of us were wrong in our assessment and it seems like the film got some top-tier talent and a lot more attention than was initially expected. It’s still video game-based movie, but just from the trailers it looks like it might be something that action-seekers would want to watch just for the fun of it.

The great thing about the movie really is that it’s not intellectually-based. It’s not Art House Cinema. It’s boots on the ground, in your face, pure destruction and rampaging monsters kind of fun that just about anybody can get into and enjoy. Still, the best part for one lucky 12-year old obviously came during the credits.

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Imagine being a 12yr old boy who goes to see RAMPAGE with his family on his BIRTHDAY. THEN… The Rock shows up outta nowhere and surprises the entire theater.. AND THEN winds up singing happy birthday to the birthday boy. Should’ve seen the look on Vinny’s face when I was singing to him and shook his hand. Great birthday moment surprising fans last night at screenings of RAMPAGE. He was so nervous he forgot how old he was 😂👊🏾 Its all good kid, I forget how old I am too. That’s why I always act like a kid. #SurprisingFans #YouNeverKnowWhenDJWillPopUp #BestPartOfMyJob #RAMPAGE

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