Awkward: Anthony Michael Hall and Nolan Funk Join Season 3

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Awkward will be adding two key players to its upcoming third season. The Breakfast Club alum Anthony Michael Hall is set to play Mr. Hart, a sadistic creative writing teacher who’ll have a critical role in the extended season, while Nolan Funk (Glee) will portray Collin James, a good-looking transfer student. There’s no word yet on how long each will be on the critically acclaimed MTV comedy about a girl navigating the horrors of high school.

Considering Jenna’s blogging skills and active imagination, it stands to reason that she’ll be forced to bring her talents into the public sphere during the third season. Her blog may have been spread around school, harming her reputation in the process, but now, Jenna will have control of what gets released and the words that her peers will get from her; the blog has been an important part of her life for the first two seasons and it looks like it’ll be a primary player in the third season, as well.

While there are no character details relating to Collin, it’s likely that he’ll be an obstacle for one of the couples to go through on the road to happiness. Jenna’s struggle to get Matty to DTR makes me think that she won’t venture outside the relationship, even though she’s not happy being with him, so Collin could potentially be the guy who comes between Tamara and Jake. The two found one another in the latter part of the second season and complement the other quite well, but is Tamara ready to be in something serious after going through the drama with Ricky?

In addition to his role in The Breakfast Club, Hall has appeared on the likes of Warehouse 13, Community, and The Dead Zone; Funk’s additional credits include Castle, Detroit 1-8-7, and Lie to Me.

Awkward returns for its third season, which will consist of 20 episodes, this summer on MTV. No premiere date has been confirmed.

What are you expecting from the third season of Awkward? What role do you think Mr. Hart will play in the third season? Which of the female characters will Collin go after?

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