Baby Shark the TV series is On Its Way: Oh Boy

Baby Shark

It’s almost like a benevolent threat that smiles at you as it comes ever closer, but as Stuart Heritage from The Guardian has written, Baby Shark is on its way to becoming a TV series. So after watching the program, as many upon MANY people have done at this point, is anyone else done-done-done-done-done-done? Raise your hands if you are and be honest since while each and every generation has their own annoying and impossibly catchy theme song the bar just seems to keep rising with each new generation. Baby Shark is highly popular with kids thanks to the repetitive and simple nature of the song since it repeats itself at such an insane rate but for the parents, who thankfully can turn the program on and leave the room, it becomes something of a mind-numbing experience that threatens to kill off brain cells by the dozens as the song continues onward. It’s thankful that the same people that are responsible for Baby Shark have come up with other tunes and other subjects that might be just as interesting and not quite as repetitive, but to think that this is coming to TV for its own show is somehow enlightening and almost groan-inducing at the same time.

Gail Fashingbauer Cooper of C-Net is just as excited, note the sarcasm, about this development as she, like many others, has likely felt the overall dulling of her senses as the doo-doo-doo’s begin to sound. If you’ve heard this viral song more than once then may the gods take pity on you since Nickelodeon is bringing it forth, or at least that’s the plan, so you can hear a lot more of it. So far the opinion about this seems pretty split since some parents have had to endure this video multiple times and have had their kids singing it repeatedly over and over and over and….well, you get the point. Repetition for kids is good since it helps them to learn, but in cases like this it also helps them to be about as annoying as they can possibly be without trying and without meaning to do so since let’s be honest, it’s something they like and something that they have fun with. But to call the Baby Shark a rich and engaging character with a lot of possibility for future story ideas seems optimistic to the extreme. Sure it’s something that kids love, but kids love juice boxes too, at least until they’ve consumed the juice and toss it aside. That being said, what happens when Baby Shark loses its appeal, as is bound to happen?

The next viral sensation that might come around might be even worse and that’s hard to fathom for parents who already have to put up with a great deal of cartoons, merchandise, and other aspects of their children’s favorite characters and cartoons. Granted, when we were kids we likely had songs, cartoons, and interests that drove our parents nuts as well, and for that it’s easy to ready an apology to our parents for making them endure one song after another and one childish delight after another. But Baby Shark is without a doubt one of the more mind-numbing shows that has come along in a long time, and that’s saying something since there have been some kids’ shows that have truly set the bar high for camp and corny ideals. For those that think I’m openly attacking Baby Shark, here’s a little perspective. It’s all well and good that kids love this cartoon, it gives them something to do, something to watch, and keeps them learning, in some way. But on the flip side of that it also slowly but surely tortures the parents who, at first, might go along with it and have fun with their kids, as is expected at times. But eventually as a parent there comes a time when it simply becomes too much. There’s a great deal more to say on the subject, but in the interest of being nice let’s just say that ‘too much’ is the most polite way to say it.

Kylie Hemmert from reminds us that this song came out back in 2015, so it’s had a few years to resonate among the crowds and finally get to the point where it was time to put up or go away. Likely as not a handful of people would have remembered Baby Shark after a while but the mainstream presence it was getting would have died down eventually. But apparently someone at Nickelodeon thought that this song was worth building a show around, so here we are. There’s no set release date yet for the show, which means that it could take another year to show up or it could surprise us all and be here before we know it. Ironically, Jaws was never even half this suspenseful.

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