Bad Boy Records Documentary “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” Trailer is Here

While many people might be looking forward to the documentary Can’t Stop Won’t Stop because they think it’ll be about Bad Boy Records and perhaps reveal some new information and insight into the life of the Notorious B.I.G. early indications are that this is not going to be the way it goes.   In fact the Puff Daddy produced film is looking kind of like a film that does a whole lot of praising Puff Daddy himself.   Here are a few quotes that can be seen:

  • Like this, courtesy of Nas: “Puff changed the whole thing.”
  • And the following from Mary J. Blige: “He believed in me, even more than I believed in myself.”
  • A little later, Clive Davis lauds Puffy’s “vision.”

However the film does dive well into Bad Boy records as well as the tragedy that struck when B.I.G. was murdered.  “I died that night in that car,” Puffy says.  Still though, a lot remains to be seen if this film is going to be significant in any way.

Check out the trailer below:

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