Barron Trump’s Fidget Spinner is Full of Highly Classified Intel

The biggest “political” story of the day hasn’t been anything revolving around James Comey’s testimony (although there’s plenty of that out there) but rather the attention is on the fact that Melania Trump and son Barron Trump are finally moving into the White House.  But let’s not get into specifics about Melania somberly lighting long candles and posting to social media.  Let’s not talk about the fact that it’s been five months and they’re just moving in.  Let’s talk about what everyone on the internet wants to talk about.   This tweet should sum it up:

Yes, it’s the fact that Barron Trump appears to be a “normal” boy because he’s carrying a fidget spinner.  Let’s get a few things straight.  No son of Donald Trump will ever be “normal” simply by association.  Second of all, if you don’t think that Fidget Spinner is carrying some serious government intel then you are surely mistaken.   I guarantee there’s some kind of launch code in that thing.

Finally, I’m surprised that given fidget spinners are primarily known for distracting kids with attention disorders that speculation on Barron’s potential autism isn’t rising again.  People are associating the spinner with him being “normal” and yet the spinner points to trying to draw attention away.  P.S. I never thought the kid was autistic in the first place.  I’m just saying I would imagine that’ll be a topic of discussion again.

Anyway, that’s politics for ya here in the U.S.A.

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