Basketball Wives Season 4 to Premiere February 20th

With Baseball Wives finished, Mob Wives only just getting started, Love & Hip Hop preparing for another reunion, and Basketball Wives: LA in its offseason, it’s about time for the grand dame of the VH1 “wives” franchise, Basketball Wives, to make its return. The show ended last season with some of its highest ratings (and buzz) yet and after an eventful hiatus, looks to try and recapture that come Monday, February 20th at 8:00.

Though a supertrailer has yet to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting public, there are hints about what season four of Basketball Wives will actually consist of. Evelyn and Jennifer have had a very public falling out recently and I’d expect the crumbling of the “circle” to be one of the main priorities of the season, particularly regarding its effect on the other ladies. It’s a new dawn and a new day for Basketball Wives, with the departure of Meeka and addition of two new cast members, so by the time the finale airs in May, it could look like a completely different show from last season.

The Basketball Wives seemed very desperate to show off other sides of their lives aside from the drama, particularly following Shaunie’s comments to CNN, so don’t be surprised if the episodes have a tiny bit more balance to them. We’ll still get all types of messy behavior, this being Basketball Wives and all, but the ladies’ll get a little more well-rounded in the edit they’re given. Royce, Evelyn, Suzie, Tami, Jennifer, Shaunie, Kenya, and Kesha may all be businesswomen dealing with raising a family, but come February 20th, they’ll all be back to being Basketball Wives.

Until we get dropped down the rabbit hole one more time, be sure to check out the latest round of glamour shots from the Basketball Wives here.

Are you looking forward to this season of Basketball Wives? Do you think you’ll enjoy the Evelyn/Jennifer storyline this time? How do you think the new cast members will integrate into the fold?


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