Basketball Wives: Setting the Scene for Season 4

Believe it or not, it’s been about six months since Evelyn, Jennifer, Shaunie, Tami, Royce, and Suzie have been on our television screens, throwing drinks, shade, and pretty much anything not nailed down. When last we left the Super (Messy) Six Basketball Wives, the circle had weakened following Jennifer’s comments about Evelyn’s fiancee but retained its power long enough to keep Royce on the outside looking in yet again. Meeka was looking more and more like a one season wonder thanks to her feud with Tami, while Suzie had become a full-fledged part of the circle, thereby squashing any prior season beef with Evelyn and company and distancing herself from Royce. Amidst all the typical reality drama, Shaunie promised that season four would focus less on rivalry and more on camaraderie and charity, but would she follow through?

Considering the fact that the biggest offseason Basketball Wives storyline is the further dissolution of Evelyn and Jennifer’s once (seemingly) solid friendship, it looks like interpersonal drama hasn’t quite left the show for good. At the end of season three, the two seemed to be on fairly decent terms, mending from their emotional argument in Italy, but recently, news has started to surface that the central Basketball Wives friendship is no more. Jennifer confirmed (as of late December) that she and Evelyn are no longer on speaking terms in an interview with I Power, thanks to some subtweets the future Mrs. Ocho Cinco had been not-so-subtly directing at her. Interestingly enough, there’s a rumor going around that Evelyn hits Jennifer in the head with her pocketbook at one point in the upcoming season, a claim that Jennifer doesn’t really deny in her interview.

But is Twitter the main reason for the “break-up”? It looks like all the subtweeting was a result of other drama, as Jennifer claims (via the VH1 Blog) that Evelyn’s jealous of her new “industry” friends NeNe Leakes and Mashonda Tifrere; it strikes me funny that Jennifer harps on how silly it is for Evelyn to be jealous/hurt due to Jennifer’s flourishing social life, given that she spent a lot of time last season obsessing over Royce’s business relationship with Eric, but I digress.

So, there are claims of jealousy between two reality co-stars, which leads to what? A Twitter beef. Evelyn didn’t take too kindly to Jennifer’s claims and thus “went off” on her former friend, insulting her social standing and her colored contacts before being “talked down” by fiancee Chad Ocho Cinco. (The VH1 Blog has screencaps of everything both ladies said, with Jennifer mostly retweeting other people’s comments and Evelyn making a spectacle of herself.) The day after, Evelyn spoke and addressed the feud, claiming that there’s another incident that happened after they squashed things that reignited all the negative feelings that came from Jennifer’s infamous radio interview. (They haven’t talked about it directly in interviews, as it’s a part of the show.) Combine that with Jennifer currently making the press rounds and spilling all types of tea and Evelyn’s fuming.

Perhaps Jennifer should have written a not-tell-all “fiction” book like Evelyn did, because change a detail or two and it’s totally fiction, you guys. And not a tell-all.

That type of tension can only be contained for so long and recently, according to TMZ, it blew all the way up. Jennifer and Evelyn’s assistant Nia got into a physical scuffle at a hotel, resulting in security holding Evelyn back from making a punk move to go after Jennifer and a police report filed. (Considering Jennifer’s aversion to physical conflict, I imagine this may be the thing that keeps Evelyn and Jennifer from being friends again.) After Jennifer filed a battery report on Nia, Nia filed a theft report on Jennifer in the past few days, accusing her of not returning a house key and threatening her. While Nia had to do something to protect herself if she deemed Jennifer willing to snap back at her, perhaps she could have just changed her locks. It makes her look a little petty and like she’s just trying to find something to sue Jennifer for.

Got all that?

Elsewhere on Basketball Wives, there hasn’t really been that much gossip going on. Of course, the ladies have been doing their business ventures, including Tami’s anti-fur ad and Royce’s stop on the NY play circuit, but there’s not been anything as potentially dynamic shifting as the fall of the circle. (There’s also a beef with a Love and Hip Hop cast member and two lawsuits that Tami has had to handle lately.) Royce had a moment that she thought about quitting the show, but a week later, she changed her mind and hopped on board the Basketball Wives Express one more time. All this while dealing with a serious relationship with football player Dezmon Briscoe, who I’m not sure will get a lot of camera time come season four. (Royce’s love life hasn’t been focused on that much in the series.) In less happy news, Royce admitted in a recent interview with that she’s not cool with (and doesn’t film with) Shaunie, but it comes as no surprise considering how contentious their relationship has been for quite some time.

Finally, Basketball Wives will be welcome two new members to replace the departed Meeka Claxton. Kenya Bell is a former Miss Michigan that made waves in the blogosphere when she allegedly attempted to stab her husband Charlie with a box cutter. I’m guessing we have our next challenger to the throne of Basketball Wives, yeah? In addition to Kenya, Kesha Nichols is entering the fray; former dancer Nichols was left at the altar by Richard Jefferson and rumor has it, has been palling around with Royce here recently. We won’t know how Kenya and Kesha will fair on the Basketball Wives battleground, but something tells me that season four may just be the best yet, balance or no balance.

Basketball Wives returns February 20th at 8:00 on VH1. Be sure to follow Kenya and Kesha on Twitter, as well as the rest of these ladies in order to get all sides of the story for each episode.

Are you excited for season four of Basketball Wives? Do you want a more balanced show or are you happy with all the drama?

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