Batman Reacts to Thor: Ragnarok in Funny Movie Mashup

One of the biggest movie mashup hits of this month is when we had the chance to see The Avengers reacting to the Justice League trailer.   It was an excellent combination of movies used to perfection.  All of the Avengers were crowded around a big screen TV watching the trailer and looked like they were ready for an all out war.   This week, we have another “reacts to” video and it’s nearly as good if not better than the first.

While it’s not the same Youtube creator who made this video, it’s still super fun to watch.   This time we’ve got Ben Affleck’s Batman/Bruce Wayne character taking a look at his personal computer when a mysterious message from Tony Stark hits is inbox.   It tells him to check something out.

That something is the Thor: Ragnarok trailer and Wayne’s reactions work out quite nicely with the trailer.

Check it out below:

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