BBC Nabs Phoebe Waller-Bridge Spy Series ‘Killing Eve’ With Sandra Oh

For many ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans out in the nation and in the world, seeing Sandra Oh’s character, Cristina Yang, leave the show was a tough one. Luckily, these fans can rejoice as Oh is returning to a new television series once again, this time starring in a spy thriller series entitled ‘Killing Eve’. The BBC network has picked up the new series, which will be brought to us by the very talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and it will begin to air on BBC America, and other BBC channel outlets, come the beginning of April of this year. In this article, we are going to give you more a few more details about this new series on the BBC, and what we can expect when it finally makes it debut on the air in a month’s time. With that said, let’s get started with our closer look at ‘Killing Eve’.

‘Dream Cast’

The show is being brought us by the creative mind of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who is also writing the new series as well. Waller-Bridge has also created other successful shows, including that of ‘Fleabag’. Producers and execs from the BBC network are raving about the new series, saying it is humorous and entertaining, all the while being brought to life by a ‘dream cast’. Of course, Sandra Oh is starring in the series, and will also be co starring with Fiona Shaw, Jodie Corner, Kim Bodnia, and David Haig as well.

What To Expect

While we have already said that the series is going to have its comedic moments, fans and audiences will also be able to except other thrilling moments that will truly put you on the edge of your seat as well. The story tells the tale of an M15 security officer (played by Oh) who dreams of working as a spy while she is stuck at her desk job. She is eventually thrown into the spy game when she has to track down a female assassin, who is called Villanelle (played by Corner). We are sure that the series is going to tell an amazing story throughout the eight part drama, and it will attract audiences of all kinds for sure.

We know that many have seen their fair share of spy centered series that have come and gone throughout the years, but from the sounds of it, ‘Killing Eve’ is going to bring the spy game to a whole new level. From the cast that is set to star to the writing by the ever talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge, we are anxiously waiting in anticipation for the series to begin. You will be able to catch ‘Killing Eve’ when it makes its debut both on the online channel as well as on BBC America come April 8th of 2018 (It will air on BBC One and BBC Three of the U.K. sometime later in the year as well). Make sure to set your DVRs so you don’t miss any of the action and comedy of this new series, ‘Killing Eve’.

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