10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bear Brown

Bear Brown

Alaskan Bush People is a reality television series that follows the Brown family in their pursuit of a natural life away from the constraints and distractions of civilization. Billy and Amy Brown have raised their children in the Wilderness of Alaska and more recently, have moved the family to a remote part of Washington State to continue living their preferred lifestyle, living off the land and moving towards a self-sustaining life in the wilderness. Bear Brown is one of their children and he’s a popular character among fans of the show who would like to know all that they can about him. To satisfy the craving, here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Bear Brown.

1. He recently proposed to his girlfriend

Bear met his fiancee Raiven Adams in the late summer of 2018. The romance didn’t last long before it turned into a full-blown romance which continues forward to the next step in the relationship with an official engagement. It was a whirlwind romance and Bear is absolutely taken with Raiven. He shared that his new fiancee is “beauty in every sense of the word, inside and out.”

2. Bear met his fiancee at his brother’s wedding

Bear isn’t going to be the first sibling to wed. His younger brother Noah and brother Gabe were the first to get married. This was a lucky day for Bear because this is where he met his future wife. Raiven was helping her mother who is a photographer take photos of the wedding. The two met at the wedding but they didn’t start dating immediately. Once they did officially start dating, it wasn’t long before they both knew that they had found their soul mates.

3. Bear Brown is a real gentleman

When it comes to manners, Bear really has his act together. Just because they were raised in a primitive setting doesn’t mean that Billy and Amy didn’t teach them proper values and behaviors. Bear knew just how he would propose. He took the traditional way and got down on one knee and made his proposal with class and style.

4. Bear doesn’t live on the Brown compound

Neither Bear nor Raiven is living on the family compound with the others. Although most of the brothers and sisters live on the same land with their parents, but there is an issue that prevents them from living so far out. Bear’s fiancee has a health condition that makes it necessary for her to live in town. Neither Bear nor Raiven has shared exactly what the health issue is.

5. Bear plans to move back to the family ranch in the future

We learned that both Bear and his bride-to-be have plans to move back to the serenity of the Brown family compound. The family is all working together to ensure that each of the children has their own homes on the massive piece of property that makes up the compound. They’re busy clearing land and building houses, so Bear will once again return to the family, but the couple has not said when they plan to do so. This makes us assume that Raiven’s health situation isn’t permanent.

6. Bear is open-minded

Although the Browns come across as being a family with traditional values, they’re not narrow-minded to any degree. Bear’s fiancee had a girlfriend previously and she identifies most closely as pansexual as a part of her identity and preferences. Although she has many different options available, she confirmed that she has chosen Bear Brown and this makes us all happy for the couple. Raiven recently had to defend herself to internet trolls who made a big deal out of her personal life.

7. Bear has been accused of “duping” fans

A recent article was published at Soapdirt that accused Bear Brown and the rest of his family of being phony and for duping fans into believing that they live a primitive life. Bear has posted recent photos that clearly show civilization around him instead of living in the wilderness. While we’re not passing judgment one way or the other, we do know that he and his girlfriend are living close to town because she currently needs medical attention, but they do plan to move to the family compound in the future.

8. Bear is doing a bit of traveling

Bear Brown has been spending time away from the family ranch, and he is enjoying his newfound romance. He and his girlfriend have posted multiple pictures that show them in different locations. The couple is doing a bit of traveling and enjoying seeing different places while spending time getting to know one another better before the wedding.

9. Bear is a very caring person

In our search to know more about Bear Brown we also learned that he is a person who cares very much about other people. He’s a very generous and giving person who cares about how other people feel as well as having a big heart and doing what he can for others. His fiancee Raiven shared this in an interview and when it comes to Bear, she absolutely gushes about him to everyone who will listen.

10. Bear Brown has been recognized for his pickup lines

Before Bear met his fiancee, he was looking for the love of his life. In his heart, he was lonely and he wanted to meet that one special person who would share a love and a life with him. Before it happened, he engineered lots of corny pickup lines, and while some of them were cringeworthy, we must admit that some of them were hilarious and others were actually pretty good. They became so popular with viewers and fans that we dedicated an entire piece to his famous quotes titled “Alaskan Bush People: Remembering Bear Brown’s Greatest Pick-Up Lines.”

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