The Beatles Age Together from 1960 through 2017

Watching the Beatles age together from 1960 to 2017 is amazing really as you’re reminded of just how they looked when they were younger and the fact that Ringo Starr wasn’t there to start with. It was John, Paul, and George from the beginning apparently, though Ringo came in not too long after they got started. From that point on their fame just started increasing as they took their act public and people started to go nuts over their sound and their act. Looking at them back in 1060 however you can see just how fresh they were, how young, and how full of life they seemed to be. Success takes just as much of a toll as failure however, and throughout the following years you can see it in their faces as they began to age.

Paul and Ringo seemed to age the slowest while John started showing his age a lot quicker than the others. By the time he departed the band John Lennon was already starting to look like an old man, while the others were starting to show their age as well. By 1980 when he was murdered, Lennon was still looking much the same, but had seemingly started to resemble his old self. As the years went by the others started to age more and more as though the loss of Lennon had scarred them in a way that they couldn’t possibly describe but could show when it came to their outward appearance. I can’t imagine losing a friend in this way as it would be unbearably tragic and no doubt incite a great deal of anger along with a great many questions.

George Harrison would go next after enjoying a fairly successful solo career, passing away from metastatic lung cancer in 2001. McCartney and Starr would come together to honor their friend and by that time they were both looking like old men due to whatever life had thrown at them by that point. It’s fair to state that the Beatles had one of the most stellar careers in all of music history since even to this day they’re celebrated in a way that not a lot of bands have ever achieved. One could argue that the era is different and that the onset of technology has something to do with it since a person can now download a song quicker than buying a record and can watch a concert online rather than going to experience it firsthand. But if you go so far as to compare the two and equate them with one another then you will see that the Beatles still outstrip a great many bands and performers of the modern age just by the sheer volume of fans they had and the effect they had upon every last one of them.

Beatlemania was very real and in some cases still is to this day. Even though Starr and McCartney are the only ones that remain they’ll never outrun the fame and notoriety that they gained while being part of one of the greatest bands the world has ever seen.

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