Beauty and the Beast Limited Musical Series Happening at Disney+

People are always wanting more from various movies and when it’s Disney there’s not a lot of question why, considering that many of their stories have many moving parts that are either just barely mentioned or do get attention, but not quite as much. The case with Gaston and LeFou is such that while Gaston is the villain and LeFou his lackey they get plenty of attention but in a very negative light. The live-action version of Beauty and the Beast did see LeFou turn from a villainous lackey to someone that was ready for redemption though, while Gaston remained the villain to the end. But with a limited musical series on the way it might be that fans will finally be given a reason as to why Gaston is the way he is, though normalizing him sounds like an odd idea since he’s been seen as a narcissistic and overbearing alpha male since the animated days and trying to explain away his ill behavior is something that could possibly favor him in a way that people aren’t used to seeing. But then again, it could also be an interesting look.

As of now the series isn’t fully set in stone as far as details and every single actor, but it is apparent that Luke Evans and Josh Gad are taking up their roles from the movie and will be heading out on an adventure. It kind of needs to be said that the exploration into the lives and motivations of the Disney villains, indeed into many villains across the cinematic landscape, is intriguing, but there are also bound to be snags here and there since some characters are bound to be predisposed towards deviant behavior while others might find that it’s the best defense against a world they don’t understand and that appears to hate them for no good reason. There are so many different reasons as to why a person will go bad, but exploring all of them from a fictional standpoint can become too easy, or far too complicated depending on the writers and the circumstances given.

Truly, Gaston feels like the old-school, alpha male who was brought up to believe that he’s a gift to everyone around him and that people should pay him fealty of some sort just for being who he is. Obviously, this kind of behavior was outdated centuries ago, perhaps longer. History has shown us that such men have been looked up to and revered to their face, reviled and hated when they’re not looking, and are usually bound for a decidedly bad end if they don’t change their ways. The male role model has definitely changed throughout the course of history, and in fact, even before Beauty and the Beast came about, the male figures in Disney movies had already started to change in a very big way. Gaston represents a past that is not entirely embraced any longer and is looked upon as a cautionary tale to many. But a musical depicting Gaston and LeFou is bound to be comical as well as entertaining and it’s likely with one of the newest stars to the Disney roster, Briana Middleton, is likely to get a great deal of attention when it comes to the fans.

If it has anything to do with Beauty and the Beast, even peripherally, one can imagine that people are going to be interested, but it does sound as though Belle and the Beast won’t be mentioned this time around, as the story appears to take place several years before the original story. That might be the only sticking point for some folks since a lot of fans aren’t really interested in anything but the original story and will gladly follow whatever follows that particular lead. But it’s still fair to think that a spinoff of sorts will be able to gain the attention it needs to be successful since many fans might want to know more about Gaston and what he’s all about. After all, many folks might think that there has to be something that turned him into the brute that we came to know and despise during the movie.

There’s no set release date yet for this project but it does sound as though it’s moving ahead without any big delays as the cast is coming together and the story is being refined in order to give a clear idea of what Gaston and LeFou will be doing in the years before Gaston begins to obsess over Belle. What will be revealed when all is said and done is bound to be something intriguing enough for many people to take note of, and it’s also likely that it will make a decent addition to the overall story. Now we’ll just need to wait and see how things turn out.

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