Beauty and the Beast: First Look at The CW’s Modern Take on the Classic Drama

The CW has decided to reboot the classic TV series Beauty and the Beast for its 2012-2013 schedule.

Smallville’s Kristin Kreuk steps into the role of Detective Catherine Chandler, an intelligent, take-no-prisoners homicide detective who works with her police partner, Tess. Many years ago, Catherine saw her mother being murdered by two gunmen…two gunmen who would have killed her as well, except for the face that something stepped in and saved her life.

Today, Catherine has grown into a competent and strong woman, but she still believes someone human saved her life, not an animal. While investigating a recent murder, a clue leads Catherine to Doctor Vincent Keller, a man who was apparently killed while serving in Afghanistan in 2002. Of course, it turns out that Vincent is actually alive, and he’s the same man who saved her life. But he’s been in hiding for the last 10 years because his condition leads him to turn into a beast when he becomes enraged. After meeting with him, Catherine makes a deal: she’ll keep his secret if he can help her with her mother’s murder. Their partnership continues to grow and, of course, the pair find themselves drawn to each other.

The series stars Kristin Kreuk (‘Smallville,”Chuck’) as Catherine, Jay Ryan (‘Terra Nova’) as Vincent, Max Brown (‘The Tudors,”MI-5’) as Evan, Nina Lisandrello (‘Nurse Jackie’) as Tess, Nicole Gale Anderson (‘Make It or Break It’) as Heather, Austin Basis (‘Life Unexpected’) as J.T., and Brian White (‘The Shield,”The Cabin in the Woods’) as Joe.

Beauty and the Beast will air after The Vampire Diaries on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. For more on the network’s 2012-2013 schedule, click here. Watch a trailer and clip from the new series below.

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