Why Does Ben Affleck’s Height Seem to Be Such a Big Deal?

This can come as a surprise, but it is interesting to note that Ben Affleck stands at 6’4″. For reference, this makes him the same height as Jason Momoa, which in turn, means that both actors are much taller than their cast-mate Henry Cavill, who stands at 6’1″. Given this, it should come as no surprise to learn that Affleck is much taller than the average American male, who stands at no more than 5’10”. Summed up, while he doesn’t necessarily look like it when he is on the movie screen, Affleck is actually really tall, which is bound to have had an effect on his career as an actor.

Why Is Height Such a Big Deal in Hollywood?

In short, a lot of people might have heard something about how people with different heights get different treatment. The best example is a paper published in Journal of Applied Psychology, which showed that an additional inch of height can mean somewhere between 1 to 8 percent addition in a man’s earnings. Effectively, this meant that a man’s career success was determined in significant part by their height, though it is unclear if this relationship was either causal or correlational in nature. Whatever the case, the relationship between the two was even worse for women as well as members of racial minorities, meaning that their height played an even greater role for them.

As a result, it is not unreasonable to speculate that a taller person might have more success in Hollywood than a shorter person when other factors of relevance were the same for both individuals. However, it should be mentioned that there is an additional element to this as well because how someone looks can have a huge impact on the roles that they are considered for. For example, if someone is short, their chances of being cast as the leading man becomes that much lower, while their chances of being cast as either the sidekick or the comedic relief shoots up even if they have the right look otherwise. Likewise, if someone is so tall that they no longer fit into the range of heights that most people are willing to see as being “normal,” their chances of being cast as the leading man goes down as well, while their chances of playing a more brutish sort of antagonist goes up at the same time. After all, most of the content creators in Hollywood seem to want leading men who are taller than their opposite numbers so as to emphasis their stand-out status, but not so much so that they start making their counterparts small.

Certainly, there are actors who manage to defy these trends. For proof, look no further than Tom Cruise, who has managed to star in numerous blockbusters in spite of the fact that he stands at 5’7″, which is actually shorter than the average American male. However, individual data points can’t disprove entire trends. As for Affleck, well, suffice to say that while 6’4″ is tall, it is not so tall that it becomes particularly noticeable to the viewers. Based on this, it is possible that Affleck has benefited from his height over the course of his career like other tall men have benefited from their height in their careers, though that shouldn’t detract from Affleck’s actual merits as an actor.

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