The Five Best Andy Garcia Movies of His Career

It seems like a lot of individuals took up acting when they were very young or still in high school and Andy Garcia is no exception since he’s been at this game for a very long time now and has been rocking it as far as a lot of people are concerned. A lot of the times he seems to play a fairly neutral to good character that’s enjoyable since he has a lot of different facets to his characters that can make him likable or detestable. In other cases though he can be one of the worst characters you’ve ever met since he can turn on a dime and be one of the nastiest, most hard to take people in the movie but with a smooth and oiled nature that makes him seem professional and somehow even colder for the effort. In other words no matter what part this man plays he’s going to be enjoyed since whether he’s a warm character or an ice cold personality he’s just that good at what he does.

Here are the five best movies from his career.

5. The Godfather III

Ted Gioia of The Daily Beast wrote that this movie surpassed its predecessor and this might be one reason why some people have an issue with it since some people did happen to think that the third installment was better. But those that remain loyal to the first movie and especially the second would definitely argue since they enjoyed Michael Corleone in his prime and watching him deteriorate wasn’t all that enjoyable. But Vincent, huh boy, imagine this guy, a hotheaded individual that loves a bit of payback, getting to sit in the big chair and be called Don Corleone. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the old ways were about to die off in a big way.

4. Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead

This is one of those movies that the fans ended up liking a lot better than the critics since as you can see on Rotten Tomatoes the critics, hold on I need to chuckle for a moment, seem to think that they’re the biggest authority when it comes to telling people what’s good and what’s not. Thankfully a lot of people aren’t fooled by this since they happened to like this movie, which is in a sense very likable. If you need to be reminded what ‘buckwheats’ is just think of the most painful and miserable death you can imagine, and you’ll have it. That being said, the idea that Mr. Shhh was one of the best parts of this movie is absolutely great.

3. When a Man Loves a Woman

Janet Maslin of The New York Times gave a pretty decent review of this movie and a fair one on top of that since it was a very touching but disturbing movie all at once. It’s simply too easy to blame the problems of an alcoholic on their own issues but in this movie it’s also easy to blame the husband since he’s a bit of an enabler and doesn’t seem to deal with the issue as well as he should. With that in mind there’s also the issue of putting kids in the middle and having them deal with the fact that their mother is an alcoholic and will lash out at them from time to time as well. All in all this was a movie that some people liked and some might have raised their eyebrows at.

2. Smokin’ Aces

There’s nothing quite as despicable as a boss that will throw pretty much anyone and everyone under the bus in an attempt to get the kind of results that they think will justify the losses that those beneath them have to suffer. In this instance the race to capture Buddy Israel becomes less of a challenge to collect the bounty or keep him from getting killed, as it becomes more about keeping him alive so that he can be killed in a humane way to save a mobster that was once an FBI agent that went deep undercover and still has knowledge of the mob that bring the whole thing crashing to the ground.

1. Ocean’s 11

It’s still kind of interesting to wonder how guys like Terry Benedict acquire so much power and influence when they treat people like property or garbage depending on what said people can do for them. But the reputation he has in this movie is enough to make it seem as though he has a lock on Las Vegas and could mess up anyone if he so desired. That being the case though it’s still hard to be intimidated by him even though it’s well known just what he’ll do to those that cross him in any way.

He’s good at acting tough anyway.

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