The Best They Ever Looked: George Clooney in “Ocean’s Eleven”

It’s extremely hard to point to a time when George Clooney didn’t look good in a movie or on a television show.  You’d have to go back to Facts of Life to see Clooney in a more awkward phase.  But even then the ladies still loved his devilish looks and wavy hair.  But if you have to pick one movie, one signature time in his life where he couldn’t have possibly looked better I have to go with Ocean’s Eleven.

I’m a heterosexual married man with 2 kids and I can honestly say that if Danny Ocean (George Clooney) or Rusty Ryan’s (Brad Pitt) characters existed in real life asked me to spend an entire weekend alone with them it would be hard for me to say no.

Clooney is pretty much James Bond in this film but without all the spy stuff.  You’ll never see a slicker, better talking, well dressed, sophisticated stud than Clooney in this film.  He’s the poster child for “starting to get a little gray and embracing the hell out of it” in this movie.   And don’t think I’ve forgotten about Brad Pitt either.  This issue there is that you’ve got Fight Club and Meet Joe Black to contend with.  But that’s another article.

What do you think?  Did I miss any movies?  What else did Clooney shine in looks wise?  Here’s a clip of Ocean and Rusty’s best conversational moments.

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