The Best They Ever Looked: Kirstie Alley in “Loverboy”

If you are in your mid 30s or older and haven’t seen the movie Loverboy then you have some serious problems.  It’s easily one of my favorite 80s movies of all-time (1989 to be exact) and actually hits home because I spent 3 summers as a pizza delivery boy.  In any event it’s a comedy starring Patrick Dempsey as a college student trying to pay his tuition for college.  He gets a job as a pizza delivery boy and like all pizza guy’s dreams, gets the ultimate pizza delivery order, a beautiful woman who wants more than just extra anchovies.

What follows from there is a string of women ordering pizza with extra anchovies but secretly code for Dempsey being an Adonis and the “love doctor” of Beverly Hills.  Along the way is excellent 80s comedy, clothing, and Dempsey trying to get back together with his college girlfriend.  One of his customers is none other than Kirstie Alley and I think in this film she is far and away at her best.

Like I said if you haven’t seen this film it’s a must.  Check out Kirstie Alley below:

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