The Five Best James Gunn Directed Movies of His Career

James Gunn has kind of become one more individual that has been made to suffer for things said in the past that he regrets and can’t take back, but thankfully he’s not out of the picture yet since he did get reinstated and is still currently working on various projects, such as the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It’s interesting to note that he studied prose writing in college, not film writing, as you might expect a director to know something about. But he is an educated man and does happen to know what he’s doing as it’s been seen throughout the years. James definitely has a different style than a lot of people are used to but in the long run that’s kind of a good thing since it allows him to get outside the box a little more often and surprise folks with what he has to offer. In this manner he has a lot more versatility than several of those that in the same position.

Here are the five best movies he’s directed thus far.

5. Movie 43

This is quite honestly just a big mess of stories that somehow gets pulled together by a common thread and mashes a large number of celebrities together in a way that can only be described as chaotic and somehow entertaining at the same time. A lot of people thought this movie was absolutely horrible and didn’t even deserve being mentioned but to be honest it at least has to be acknowledged as one of Gunn’s earlier attempts at something that might have been kind of great if not for the fact that it seemed so disjointed and entirely reliant on the kind of gags and toilet humor that a lot of people find so amusing. Still, it’s worth at least one watch.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

Some people liked this better than the first movie, others didn’t care for it quite as much, but it did offer up a pretty good amount of entertainment since it helped to flesh out Peter’s past a little more and it brought Kurt Russell into the MCU for a brief period of time. As Ego he was something of a jerk that wanted to spread his influence throughout the galaxy and had already been doing so for a long time before he met Peter. Throughout all his progeny however Peter was the only one that showed the kind of spark that would make it possible for his influence to grow. Thankfully though Peter didn’t have any big plans to dominate anyone.

3. Super

In movies where people decide to become superheroes it’s usually nice to see that some of them actually take the time and effort to train instead of slapping on a suit and adopting their own catchphrases while attempting to do some good. Rainn Wilson as a superhero seems kind of forced in a way, but it’s still funny since he does manage to bring his own personality to bear when donning the suit. In a big way it’s almost as though he channeled a bit of Dwight from The Office as well since it would seem that this part came out when he was in full costume and laying the beatdown on a bad guy.

2. Slither

It’s almost like a cross between the Blob and one of the many alien parasite movies that’s been released over the years as this living parasite attempts to take over the world, starting with a small, out of the way town. But of course what aliens never seem to realize is that when humans are cornered and given no hope we tend to remain stubborn and fight to the bitter end. The parasite does manage to survive by the end of the movie and infects a cat, meaning the trouble isn’t quite over. But the survivors don’t know this since they’ve gone to find help. Movies like this are great fuel for ridicule sometimes., but they’re still amusing in their own way.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

If you grew up with a different Guardians of the Galaxy that might have been what you were expecting since quite honestly this group didn’t come along until later, after the likes of Yondu and those that are shown in vol. 2. This group is a bunch that, individually, has been around for some time, but unless you’d been reading the comics within the last twenty years you might not have expected them. That being said though they were a dynamic group that somehow work on a variety of levels that make people laugh and have become rather popular since their inception. Gunn definitely hit a home run with this movie.

With the upcoming sequel to Suicide Squad it’s going to be interesting to see just how he might top himself.

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