The Five Best Jodie Whittaker Movies of Her Career

It’s kind of amusing that it was a minority of people that had an issue with Jodie Whittaker becoming the next Dr. Who, but their voices were certainly the loudest. Out of all her roles thus far in her career you could say that this is the one that has really stoked the ire of any one fan base since otherwise Jodie has been well-accepted when it comes to her starring roles and is considered to be a true talent in show business given that she’s one of those that can hit the set and turn all eyes on her when it’s necessary, or can blend into the background as needed. Her movies might not be something that everyone has seen but they’re still powerful enough and in some cases gripping enough to capture one’s attention and keep it for a while. When it comes to her overall impact on show business it’s easy to state that she’s been little more than impressive.

Here are her five best movies.

5. Venus

It’s interesting what happens when two people meet, especially when they’re so vastly separated by age. One could possibly say that Maurice was a dirty old man that just wanted to feel young again and used Jesse to do this. But it’s a little more complex than all that since Maurice is at a point in life when he knows, thanks to his cancer, that he doesn’t have long to live and is looking for companionship, but is obviously kind of hopeless when it comes to this. Jesse on the other hand seems to see Maurice as a convenient way to get what she wants for a while, but does seem to care about him at least a bit since she is the one that’s with him when he finally passes.

4. One Day

Willa Paskin of Vulture delivers an interesting take on this movie by stating that twist at the end is more for those that wanted to see something a little more high-brow than the light love story it was turning into. Of course the death of one’s love is kind of hard to get over and definitely opens up a myriad of pathways for the surviving individual to go down. In this case however the surviving individual goes on another downward spiral despite what he has to lose and the fact that others try to keep him from self-destructing. It’s a touching story really but the ending does seem to be kind of hard to handle.

3. Journeyman

As Guy Lodge of Variety alludes to this story is one that shows the true devastation of what goes on in the life of a fighter after he’s been injured so badly that recovery almost seems like a pipe dream. Matty is ready to take on any comers, but when he’s sent rocketing into a coma and has to start trying to remember everything that he is, was, and might still be if he can fight his way back it’s enough to see that the once devastating boxer is a shell that’s in need of being filled again. The sad part about this movie is that such a thing has happened to fighters in the past since the body eventually begins to wear out.

2. Attack the Block

Alien movies usually have to possess an angle or hook that isn’t done all the time or is somehow new enough that it can be turned into something great. This isn’t that kind of movie but it’s still fun all the same since it doesn’t exist on a global scale but is instead focused on a very specific area as the survivors of the alien attacks are continually running from the creatures that are trying to kill them. When they do manage to kill the creatures however the young folks that were responsible are about to be charged with the murders that the aliens committed when the nurse they were bothering sticks up for them.

1. St. Trinian’s

There’s a lot that can be said about this movie but a lot of it has to do with the initials W, T, and F since honestly it’s one of those that can make a person sit there in dumbfounded silence as they’re wondering what in the hell they’re watching and why. From the idea that the girls in this school are insane and in more than one way disturbed to the fact that it’s just a crazy representation of an all-girls school it’s something that you might get a good laugh at but wonder why later on. With that being said it’s one of the more hilarious movies that people aren’t talking enough about since it’s enough to make your jaw hurt.

So far in her career she’s been great, here’s hoping she can continue that trend and get even better.

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