The Five Best Katherine Waterston Movies of Her Career

Being raised by a former model and actor and having family in the business it’s not too hard to imagine why Katherine Waterston became an actress since it’s either the thing to do or it’s just in her blood. Some people would tend to move off in a different direction and do their own thing but others would likely take the same course she has throughout life as she’s been prominent in many movies thus far and is still going strong today. It’s true that some of her movies haven’t gained that much attention and others have gained what people might deem the wrong kind of attention but at the very least it means she’s out there and shes continually putting on a show which is what actors have been doing for a long, long time now. One bad review can’t destroy a career after all, at least not if a person doesn’t allow it. And so far, her reviews haven’t been overwhelmingly bad. In fact she’s been quite good at what she does.

Here are her five best movies.

5. The Babysitters

For one reason or another there’s been a fantasy about young, female babysitters for the longest time and this movie definitely latches onto that fact with a great bit of fiction as Shirley takes on the whole ‘babysitting’ gig of hers with a strange amount of zeal that spells nothing but trouble. When feelings come into what she meant to only be a business it becomes increasingly messy and as the emotions that are brought into the mix begin to play havoc with the business aspect and people start finding out things about themselves that they don’t like or didn’t even know existed. Sometimes fantasy meeting reality and vice versa can be a serious mistake.

4. Steve Jobs

A lot of people went on to heavily criticize this and any movie made about Steve Jobs since it was stated more than once that it just wasn’t the way things went. When creating a biographical piece one might expect a lot more realism and attention to fine detail but given that it’s a movie that’s kind of unrealistic given that people want to be entertained and real life isn’t always that dramatic or filled with moments that can make a person gasp aloud. Admitting that he was a poorly-made individual was perhaps one of the biggest things about Jobs that a lot of people might quibble about, but his history speaks for itself even if the movies don’t quite nail it is accurately as people wanted.

3. Alien: Covenant

In reality a lot of the Alien movies since the first and even second movie have paled in comparison either because they’ve done too much to the xenomorph to evolve it or the acting hasn’t really changed as much as it needs to. In scifi horror movies the protagonists still make the wrong decisions, they still do some of the dumbest things imaginable, and they will always be bound to get messed up in one way or another by the end of the movie. In this one it would almost appear that the two survivors are going to get away, but of course the murderous android just had to survive and bring the alien embryos with him. Where it goes now is kind of hard to imagine however since linking up with the original would be kind of difficult to comprehend.

2. Inherent Vice

There’s something really dizzying about stories such as this in which the main character is sent around the bend a few times and even roughed up in an effort to show something of importance that may or may not be vital to the story but is still interesting enough to flash in front of the audience so that they don’t focus on the main point right away. Thankfully it does feature a great enough cast that people are willing to bite and hold on as they’re taken for a thrill ride from one end of the movie to the other until they finally get dropped off at the end when the main character finally gets to enjoy at least some peace as the credits begin to roll.

1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Harry Potter fans were definitely needing a fix of sorts and for many of them this was the thing they needed to get them over the hump after the original series was all said and done with. While the adventures of Newt Scamander are quite interesting and entertaining they’re also quite different from Harry’s since Newt was born and raised in the wizarding world and despite his awkward and shy manner he’s still every bit as knowledgeable, sometimes more so, than his fellow wizards and witches concerning certain aspects of their world. In fact, he kind of has to be just to survive.

She’s definitely been attached to some interesting and very well-received movies thus far.

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