The Five Best Michelle Williams Movies of Her Career

It’s fair to say that Michelle Williams did not really go through the common childhood that a lot of us can recall in our younger years. She didn’t really get along with a lot of people in school and decided she need in-home tutoring. When her parents allowed her to become emancipated from them she decided to make her way towards acting in a big way and was able to do so after completing a high school degree in nine months. To this day however she does wish that she would have experienced what amounts to the average school experience that allows for development as well as learning. But since her inclusion into show business she’s showed up in many different projects from TV to film, and she’s been easily recognizable ever since. There have been moments in her career when things have been kind of slow and haven’t really allowed her to shine, but the great thing about Michelle is that she is steady and stable when it comes to being an actress, and she’s always bound to make a comeback.

Here are the five best movies of her career.

5. Blue Valentine

Hayden Cormell of Film School Rejects makes a great point about toxic relationships concerning this movie, and it’s pretty true to be honest. For some reason those that are raised around toxic relationships know what they dislike, what they want to get away from, and yet they continue to gravitate towards those that, in one way or another, are anything but good for them. While Dean and Cyndi seem perfect for each other at the start of the relationship the marriage begins to break down within the course of several years as they start to grow apart and find more reasons to fight than they can to stay together.

4. Shutter Island

According to David Cox of The Guardian this movie actually holds pretty true to the book in many ways since the characters are given the right amount of mystery and development and the main character is played to a tee by Leonardo DiCaprio. It has plenty of twists and turns that a person might want to follow but the one thing about this movie is that if you look too close you’re bound to miss out on a few hints and glimmers along the way that might clue you in to what’s really going on and why it’s all bound to come crashing down for the unaware by the end. In a way this is one of those movies that people might have said they don’t like simply because they don’t get it.

3. My Week with Marilyn

How a person views this movie really depends on how they looked at Marilyn Monroe as a person since her legend built her up in a way that made her seem flawless, while this movie makes it known that she was a human being that had plenty of flaws and quirks that had to be accounted for. When it becomes obvious that she has just as many difficulties as others when it comes to being in front of a lot of people, some stand up to defend her and others seek to vilify her for their own reasons, whether they right or wrong. It’s hard to say really if Marilyn was a decent person or someone that simply fell in love with her own legend and forgot the reality of it all.

2. Brokeback Mountain

Tola Onanuga of The Guardian likely isn’t the only person that was crying when this movie really got going and came to its inevitable end since a lot of people found this movie to  be uniquely touching and rather heartfelt. Others of course found it disturbing, not to mention kind of indicative of the change that had already come to Hollywood some time before. Ennis had a family and a life with his wife, though thanks to the love he found on the mountain it would seem that a quiet life with his family wasn’t enough to still the passion he’d found before, the same passion that would eventually turn his life upside down.

1. Manchester by the Sea

A death in the family is always tragic, but when it comes with a guardianship that wasn’t expected it becomes even more disruptive as the young man in question doesn’t want to leave home and the uncle that’s now his guardian can’t bear coming back to his former hometown. Throughout the movie a great deal is laid bare as the nephew finally comes to understand his uncle better and why he can’t be his guardian. Eventually he’s adopted by a very loving couple and his uncle does seek out a place with an extra room so that his nephew can visit whenever he wants. It’s not exactly a win, but an understanding that progress is being made.

She’s proved to be a skilled actress no matter where she shows up in the story.

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