The Five Best Mike Epps Movies of His Career

Mike Epps almost came as a surprise when he hit the scene and as many people know he’s been a stand-up comic for quite some time. But when he was brought in for the sequel of Friday to replace Chris Tucker it almost seemed like the wrong move since his character wasn’t quite as as well-received as he could have been. The movie wasn’t the worst that was ever made but it was far below the original and some people would claim that the third Friday movie was just as bad but others would at least admit that it was enjoyable. Despite all that he’s been a great actor as well as a comedian throughout the years and has provided a great many laughs and a few very impressive roles throughout other movies that aren’t funny in the least but are still worth looking into for their action and drama sequences.

Here are a few of his best movie appearances.

5. Faster

Despite not being a comedy this moment was pretty amusing since Epps is playing a rather crooked PI that uses a big Samoan bodyguard that he thinks is going to bail him out. When Kenny decides he’s not about to mess with a ‘ghost’ as he calls Dwayne Johnson he bails and leaves Epps’ character all by his lonesome with a very big, very irritated man that’s already killed one person at that point in the movie. His time in this movie is pretty brief but it’s memorable since he gets to play a wisecracking character like he usually does. That seems to be one of the biggest parts of Epps’ whole career is to play someone that runs his mouth a lot, and it fits since he does it so well.

4. Meet the Blacks

You wouldn’t think that picking up and moving away from a life of crime after stealing a huge amount of money from another criminal would be the worst move you could make.  But when Carl settles his family in Beverly Hills he finds out that they moved at just the wrong time since the annual purge is coming and is going to make him face all his worst crimes all at once. When the people he ripped off come in search of him Carl and his family are forced to endure 12 hours of comedic danger as they have to survive in order to make it to the next day. As spoof movies go this wasn’t too bad.

3. Resident Evil: Apocalypse

L.J. is the kind of smack-talking wiseguy you wouldn’t expect to survive the zombie apocalypse but somehow he manages to surprise people along the way. He’s not a highly-skilled operative or even a cop, he’s just a guy with a couple of guns that has survived to this point by getting lucky. When he teams up with Alice and the rest of them though he soon enough becomes a part of their group and therefore another survivor that learns how to get along in a world that’s been overrun by the dead and manipulated by the Umbrella Corporation. As characters go he’s the comic relief, but it works.

2. The Hangover

“Black” Doug is what he ends up being called well into the third movie since his name is Doug and he is black. It’s pretty straightforward but a lot of people should have seen the second and third movie coming when he mentioned the mysterious ‘Marshall’ in the first movie. A lot of us might have thought he was just throwing out the name of his boss, but obviously the creators of the movie were planning something from the start since throughout the trilogy things kind of went full circle until every one of the guys that were a part of the original wolf pack were married and satisfied with their lives.

1. Friday After Next

You could try to say that Day-Day grew up a little bit in this one but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate since he was the same goofball he was in the second movie and was even worse in some cases. It was funny to see the dynamic between Day-Day and Craig since Craig had to be the level-headed one and they still got in trouble throughout the day. But as the movie kept going you almost felt sorry for Craig since Day-Day is the kind of guy that get’s a little power and goes absolutely nuts with it as he tries to assume more authority than his current position grants him. Normally it’s fun to watch people like this get knocked down a few pegs, but it was a lot more satisfying to see the main protagonist in the movie, the thieving, hood rat Santa, get his just desserts when the guys caught him and tied him to the rooftop.

Mike Epps is a good actor, but he’s definitely more suited to comic relief.

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