The Five Best Milo Ventimiglia Movies of His Career


Milo Ventimiglia has as of late been a much more prolific TV star than anything since his role in Heroes and the acclaimed show This is Us have made him a superstar in his own right and have catapulted him to the kind of fame that a lot stars can only hope for. Despite all that he’s still more of a fringe star that comes and goes and is usually a very welcome site since he brings a certain energy to a movie or show that is easily felt and can be drawn off of no matter if his character is meant to be calm and composed or a little bit out of the ordinary. He’s been a part of show business for a lot longer than some might think but noticing him would take a little bit of skill since he’s played a few bit parts and been a guest star here and there throughout a good deal of his career. His great roles though are easy to notice and even easier to enjoy.

Here are the five best movies from his career.

5. That’s My Boy

You could say that this is a regression of sorts for Adam Sandler since it came at a time when a lot of people were hoping to see him actually grow up a bit and take on more serious roles. But it was a pretty hilarious movie that had a great deal of talent in it, not the least of which was Milo as the brother of the bride in the movie. Chet was something of a fake and a big mama’s boy. He was also someone you couldn’t help look at with anything but disgust when it was established that he was sleeping with his own sister and had the audacity to act like a Marine when he’d never served a day in his life.

4. Armored

Do you think the guys driving the armored cars ever get the thought in their head that the cash they’re carrying around would be insanely easy to steal and run away with? It seems like something only a movie villain would get away with, but it has to be a thought that comes up occasionally when guys that are making pennies next to what they carry in their vehicles realize that they might never see such riches. In this movie however the plan does kind of go awry when the group making the heist finds that they’ve been observed. When a cop gets involved however at least one of them, the most uncertain of the plan, finally does the right thing and stands up against the others.

3. Pathology

People that know how to dissect the human body and figure out the cause of death are dangerous, without question. When Teddy figures out that the little ‘game’ that he’s been invited to play to plan the perfect murder is in fact something more than what it seems he takes steps to make sure that those who are playing with innocent peoples’ lives won’t survive to play their little charade any longer. The problem is he misses one, but thankfully that one is arrogant enough to think that he can outwit Teddy, and in the process becomes the next victim as Teddy and a companion make sure that the survivor won’t be telling anyone of what’s happened.

2. The Art of Racing in the Rain

Movies narrated by dogs are kind of interesting in that they give you a different look at things, but it’s usually the kind of movie that is a little too cutesy for a lot of people. This one however is pretty interesting as it goes through the dog’s point of view as he watches his family grow and change and takes care of them until he’s too old to do much and passes away, looking forward to whatever life he might move on to next. In a big way this movie is something that might be pleasing for a lot of people to watch since it’s not too preachy and it seems to have nice, moderate pace that pretty much anyone can follow.

1. Rocky Balboa

This has to be one of the greatest speeches in the histories of movies since the Rocky movies have taken some serious criticism throughout the years, both good and bad. The idea that Stallone should have been done after two or three of them is pretty easy to agree with, but then we wouldn’t have received this great moment that shows us the real depth of Rocky Balboa and just how much he really cares about his son and how much he’s learned throughout the years of getting his head pounded in. There was more feeling and emotion in this movie than people like to admit, but some folks can’t get past the boxing aspect of it, which is understandable.

He’s made a great name for himself, without a doubt.

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