The Five Best Odeya Rush Movies of Her Career

In a big way it seems that Odeya Rush was meant to be in front of the screen and in front of an audience since she was writing and acting in plays when she was 8 years of age. Since then she’s been modeling and acting and been doing a fair job of maintaining a career. One could say that she’s known well enough in many circles but it’s also fair to say that she’s not the biggest thing going at the moment, but has plenty of potential to really get out there and be someone that others will look up to. Her part in many movies has ranged from being something of a bit player to being one of the lead actors, but in many cases it would seem that she’s comfortable pretty much anywhere since her skill set is strong enough to keep her in the public eye. Where she’ll continue to go from where she is now is hard to say, but it does feel as though she could eventually become a very strong leading character.

Here are five of her best movies thus far.

5. See You in Valhalla

Family tragedies tend to bring people back together quite often, but not always in the kindest of ways since families that spend so much time away from each other usually have a pretty good reason. When a sibling dies though it’s still a time to mourn and a time to get together and remember any good times that might have come between each other, even if those happen to bring up the bad times as well. With the Burwood’s though there tends to be a lot of strangeness that goes along with the ill feelings, and a lot of that seems to mingle with the overall emotions that run high in this movie.

4. Almost Friends

It’s kind of frustrating when you have the kind of skill that can take you places but don’t seem to have the drive to go with it. Charlie knows what he wants, kind of, but once he finds Amber he knows who he wants and the extremely frustrating part is that she’s got just as many hangups as he has, one of which happens to be a boyfriend. That’s the kicker in life, when you find what, and who, you finally want it’s not always as easy as it seems to just go out and get it, or them. The conflicts that keep building up in Charlie’s life tend to become a little too much until finally he reaches a tipping point, which could have been easily foreseen.

3. The Giver

The freedom of choice is not a perfect thing since it allows people to make mistakes, cause problems, and do things that might otherwise not be possible if that choice was taken away and they were instead given everything they needed and nothing that might harm them. But that’s not being human since quite honestly we’re not meant to be perfect and we’re meant to live out the choices we make. It might be perilous and it might lead to ruin eventually, but Jonas still manages to do the right thing and when Fiona is freed, the two of them become the example of why humanity needs their freedom.

2. Lady Bird

She doesn’t have a huge role in this movie but it’s still kind of important as it goes toward the development of the main character as she’s continuing to find herself throughout the movie. The entire movie is more or less a young woman’s attempt to find out who she is, what she needs to be doing, and why she can’t seem to make up her mind when it comes to what she really wants to do. Add in the fact that her parents are trying to be supportive but her mother is simply too hard to deal with and you’ve got the typical teenage experience along with rebellion on a level that’s nothing short of hilarious.

1. Goosebumps

Sometimes a book isn’t just a book and the reality that comes racing out is anything but kind. When the books written by none other than R.L. Stine are opened the monsters within the pages come surging forth and start to terrorize the town. Being led by Slappy the ventriloquist dummy the creatures run amok and are on the verge of destroying everything up until another book is written and finished, imprisoning the monsters. Unfortunately, as Hannah was also the product of a story, she is sucked into the other world as well. Stine manages to rewrite her however, and a new happy ending begins.

Odeya could definitely be someone that will rise in popularity as the years continue to roll by, but perhaps as a supporting actor or a lead, no more bit parts.

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