The Best Uses of Eric Clapton Songs in Movies

It takes a very special individual to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times, an honor that Eric Clapton holds alone. He’s been lauded as a genius with a guitar for so many years that his name is synonymous with greatness. Even if a person doesn’t know him all it takes is listening to a soundtrack from a movie or turning on the TV to hear a reference about him. Eric Clapton is among one of the best individuals to ever grace a stage with his presence. He might be an acquired taste for some but overall he’s done so much throughout his career that calling him anything but great would be a mistake.

Here are a few movies that show just how awesome his music really is.

5. Layla – Goodfellas

Goodfellas is about as brutal as it can get and no matter how embellished it might be the movie takes off from the stories and accounts told by a man that lived the life, Henry Hill. Whether he had a guilty conscience near the end of his life or just felt that the story needed to be told, Hill unloaded an entire lifetime of criminal acts and wrongdoings that were taken by Hollywood and shoved into a box for people to see.

4. It’s In the Way That You Use It – The Color of Money

Old dogs should be wary of teaching their tricks to the younger generation. Chances are they’ll find that the younger, hungrier kids coming after them will find a way to rise above their teachers. In this film of teacher vs. student however it’s shown that while Cruise is on his way up and doesn’t want to stop for anything, Newman is far from out of the game just yet.

3. Lord of War – Cocaine

Never has a song been quite this literal in its title. Lord of War is based on true events but is highly fictionalized in order to make a better movie and turn people on to the reality of gun-running and just what it entails for those that do it. Of course the part with Vitaly about to snort the entire border of Ukraine was likely pure fiction, he’d be dead before got even a third of the way through.

2. Runaway Bride – Blue Eyes Blue

When the woman you’re after is so used to running that she’s made a habit of it and even been dubbed the runaway bride how in the world would you go about winning her heart? Believe it or not women are just as scared as men when it comes to marriage, but listening, talking, and getting to know one another usually overcomes a lot of issues between people.

1. Phenomenon – Change the World

George Malley didn’t want much. He was fine with who he was, what he did, and his place in life for the most part. But then when what seemed like a visit by aliens changed his life forever he found a new purpose that opened a new world to him that he’d never thought possible. Despite his desire to help other though he was viewed with the same fear and uncertainty that most people experience when facing something unknown. That’s the price for wanting to change the world I suppose.

Clapton is without a doubt among the greatest to ever touch a guitar.


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