The Best Uses of Johnny Cash Songs in Movies

Few people in the music industry have a legend like Johnny Cash. The man played by his own rules, did his own thing, and almost always delivered in a way that was nothing short of epic. Of course it’s said that his current legend wasn’t the stellar thing that it’s made out to be but for those of us that want to believe that he was in fact something, or someone, that we could see as one of the all-time greats sometimes the fiction is better than the facts. In any case his music from start to finish was something that we could all get behind and fully support. Even after all this time you can still hear his tracks being played in films, and it makes a lot of them all the better for it.

To the legend Johnny Cash here’s a big thank you for all you’ve done in music and in film.

5. Hurt – Logan

If anyone exemplified the troubled life it was Logan. He was the epitome of troubled and had a long, long  life that was little more than one issue after the next. You could probably count the number of times he’d actually enjoyed life on two hands from the moment he found out about his mutant abilities to the end of his run. Logan didn’t have an easy life, but most times he just embraced it and kept moving forward.

4. Ain’t No Grave – Django Unchained

As soon as Django understood what was going on and why Dr. Schultz needed him there was no stopping him from what he wanted. Schultz was the good-natured bounty hunter, stay with me, that had a heart of gold but a quick draw and a slick tongue that helped him get out of many a pickle. Needless to say Schultz was a little impulsive and Django was simply bent on revenge. They made it work.

3. When the Man Comes Around – Killing Them Softly

Jackie is a no-nonsense killer that likes to get paid. He might be the man that comes around but he usually only gets to decide who to hit and who to let live once the powers that be, his contractors, tell him who needs to be removed. Once he has his target he knows how to get them in many different ways but he prefers to “kill them softly” which means a long-distance shot so that they have no idea of what’s coming. That’s awfully humane for a hitman.

2. Ring of Fire – Silent Hill

This song is almost ironic consider the setting and the pseudo-biblical leanings of the townsfolk. Silent Hill is probably the last place you want to just run into without any idea of what you’re doing, but when your kid is abducted and taken to a nightmare on earth location that she’s been dreaming about for so long your choices go from few to none.

1. Get Rhythm – Walk the Line

It might seem like a cheat to put in a movie that’s actually based on the life of Johnny Cash but really it’s more of a mark of respect. While the film wasn’t one hundred percent accurate, very few are in fact, it is an entertaining look at some of the singer’s early moments in life from a different perspective. The only sad thing about is that a lot of people thought this was his true biography. Sigh, read a book or watch a real documentary folks.

Johnny Cash might have been a flawed legend in his time, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that he was a legend all the same.


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