The 10 Best Uses of Prince Songs in Movies or TV

If you were a fan of Prince then you understand why he was considered a genius and a true star among his loyal followers. If you weren’t then you might have trouble accepting why he was considered to be so great until you listen to his music. During his life he managed to reach many individuals with his words and his music, touching people all over the world with his message. His style was a little hard to get used to and his music was something that a person had to listen to and actually get into in order to like it, but overall Prince was a gifted man that went too soon. The only real upside here is that he did leave behind a great legacy of music and was highly influential in the careers of many individuals in the music industry.

Here are a few clips where his music can be heard in one way or another.

10. Risky Business – D.M.S.R.

So what happens when a straight-laced individual decides to start taking risks and do things he’s never done before? Well, it could be that he’ll start having a lot of fun and learn how to have a good time, but it could also mean a lot of trouble if he’s not prepared for the fallout. Joel makes the best of it thought and finds out what he’s been missing in his life. All it took was a few missteps along the way to find it.

9. Under the Cherry Moon – Girls & Boys

The rules to any good con is that you don’t get emotionally involved with the mark, but then again in just about every movie ever made about cons there’s going to be a romantic interest. The only difference is that this time around Christopher has to contend with his brother Tricky for the affections of the mark he’s falling in love with. Even more bizarre is that this is at the behest of the young woman’s mother.

8. Pretty Woman – Kiss

Ever notice how Prince songs seem to come in when there’s something that could be construed as sexual content? Granted, Julia Roberts’ character was simply taking a bath and didn’t reveal anything, but it’s kind of a testament to how he was seen by the general public that his songs would continue be featured in scenes like this. It’s kind of fun though.

7. Graffiti Bridge – We Can Funk

Graffiti Bridge is pretty much the sequel to Purple Rain, only this time around the Kid has control of the nightclub and is being pressured by Morris to close up shop since he wants it all under his control.

6. Prince – You Got the Look

So many people got into Prince’s songs and fashion style that for a while it seemed like you couldn’t walk down the street without seeing it. Even in schools it was a big thing. As of now his legacy lives on, but the fashions have calmed way down.

5. Showgirls – 319

Even a song by one of the greatest artists in music history couldn’t help keep this movie afloat as each time it tried to right itself the lead actress would overact and things would go straight back to their downward spiral.

4. Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Let’s Go Crazy

This seems like kind of an odd song to put in during a fight scene but somehow it just worked. Of course they had another fight scene that was led into by a John Denver song and ended up being accompanied by an Elton John song, so it’s kind of par for the course in this movie it seems.

3. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno – The Everlasting Now

If you counted up all the times that Prince either performed or sang on talk shows it would probably add up to more time than most people spend on a sitcom during their tenure. Well, maybe not but it would definitely add up to more time than any other guest had ever spent on these kind of shows. He was  seen quite often on talk shows in some capacity.

2. Batman – Batdance

The one thing I do recall from this video, besides the choreography and craziness, is that people had an absolute fit when he began to shout and busted out that small amount of profanity. You’ve got to remember the period this was made in and how quickly people would react to anything they didn’t like to hear. It wasn’t as much of an uproar as it might have been if the equivalent happened now, but it was still considered kind of controversial.

1. Purple Rain – Purple Rain

This is the film that absolutely made Prince since so many people flocked to it and couldn’t get enough of it. If he was a legend before this then he was considered to be absolutely epic after.

There probably won’t be another performer like him for quite a while, if ever.

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