The Five Best Will Arnett Movies of His Career

One very interesting thing about Will Arnett is that he was actually asked to not return to a college after a semester spent establishing himself as a troublemaker. That’s something that might be expected of a guy that has been like a big kid sometimes on the screen, in the best way of course. Will is one of those actors that can easily take over a role and possibly even make it feel more important than it should be for the movie. But when he’s given a role that IS vital to the movie then he makes it something even better since he seems to enjoy going over the top in one of the greatest ways. It’s also interesting to note that he’s done a lot of voice acting in his career and those are actually some of his most fun parts, but in all fairness he’s done some live action stuff that’s pretty amusing as well.

Here are some of his best movies to date.

5. RV

The funny thing about this movie is that it did have a great story and it did have interesting characters, but they didn’t seem to fit just right with one another and the movie was considered kind of a failure. But Will’s character, the overbearing boss, Todd, is without a doubt the main protagonist and the guy that many people would love to see taken down a few notches. The way he plays it though is perfect since despite the manner in which this film kind of tanked he did play a memorable character since bad bosses are something that a lot of people don’t tend to forget, and he was actually one of the stronger parts in the movie.

4. Let’s Go to Prison

It’s fair to say that John went a little overboard but Nelson at least got a bit of comeuppance for a life that he was taking for granted. Quite honestly though this is nothing short of hilarity since being sent to prison is no joke, but what can go on there kind of is. Dax Shepard and Will both seem to play off of one another in a way that’s nothing short of hilarious and the rest of the cast help immensely since it’s not the most epic movie ever made but it’s still something great enough to be deemed as underrated in its time and somehow forgotten. Too many movies are at the mercies of the critics it seems and tend to be shuffled off when people listen.

3. Ratatouille

The character of Horst is the short guy in the kitchen, not the head chef, whose story seems to change with every telling. He’s one of the many components in the film that works since he adds a bit more spice to the overall product, but once it’s revealed that Linguine is in fact taking his orders from a rat Horst is seen leaving along with everyone else. Will has taken on a lot of voice roles over his career it would seem and while some of them are short and sweet others have been middling to extensive. This is just a fun and engaging movie and the fact that he’s a part of it is what put it on the list.

2. Despicable Me

Again, he doesn’t play the biggest role in this movie since Mr. Perkins is prominent enough to notice but not really that important, but it’s the fact that he’s a part of it that makes it worth mentioning. Will is a very talented guy and it’s likely that a lot of people didn’t even realize that he was a part of this movie until they looked and saw his name on the cast list, if they did at all. The movie probably could have stopped at the first or even second one, but the third is something that a few people have liked and did manage to finally give Gru a bit more closure with his life. But like a lot of movies, nothing ever really compares to the first one.

1. The Lego Batman Movie

Out of all the voices that have been used to make Batman who he is, Will’s is perhaps one of the most entertaining since not only is he over the top, he’s over the top in the best way. It’s an animated masterpiece in the eyes of many since it took the Batman movie in a different direction than many of the movies have gone in the last several years and made it enjoyable for kids and adults alike. Will’s rendition of Batman is something that people aren’t likely to forget anytime soon since his humor and his deadpan manner managed to give the dark knight a bit more depth that was fun to listen to.

His kind of talent is different when it comes to comedy, but still a lot of fun. Also a big shout out to Will’s performance in Hot Rod.

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