Betsy DeVos Couldn’t Answer Basic Education Questions on “60 Minutes”

You’ve got to wonder if Betsy DeVos understands just how foolish she sounds when she can’t answer a basic question about education on 60 minutes. The woman seems so upbeat about what she wants to discuss that she doesn’t seem to realize that she’s continually missing the point about schools being underfunded and left to wallow in their current state. Her own state, Michigan, is apparently suffering from lack of funding that has yet to be received. And this woman is the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. That’s a scary thing to consider really when she seems to think that public schools aren’t working because they’re underfunded and simply don’t operate the way a private school does. Perhaps someone needs to find a way to break it to her that private schools are not the most cost-effective measure for every family to use considering that many of us cannot possibly afford the tuition that some private schools charge. Yet she will gladly condemn the use of public schools as not being efficient enough, even when charter schools are just a small step up when it comes to their maximum efficiency.

Also, condemning public schools is easy when you’ve never visited one, especially in your own state. Mrs. DeVos is so quick to jump on the efficiency of charter schools and cut the funding for public schools that it almost seems that she has a definite bias against those that choose the public school system over charter schools. Her own experience is with charter schools after all and there’s no doubt that she believes they work and have provided her and her family with best education possible. And yet she’ll still amend that schools are buildings, institutions, and that they’re made up of individuals. So then why would she propose cutting funds for those individuals that might make good use of them if she believes so deeply in education? That’s right, she’ll gladly seek to fund charter schools that are publicly funded but privately run but won’t seek to help public schools that are supposedly a waste of resources since they don’t prepare kids for the world outside of school. If only there was a way to change that.

Oh wait, there is. It’s called ‘funding the school system’. It’s much easier to say in any regard than to do, but pulling funds from schools that are already feeling the pinch is the opposite of wisdom. Tacked onto this is the fact that Betsy DeVos, a woman that is the Secretary of Education for the USA, has never set foot in a classroom as a teacher, a principal, or anything even close to resembling someone with their boots on the ground and their ear to the sound of the system that would have been important for anyone in her position. She has no true feel of the school system and thus doesn’t understand it well enough to make the kind of decisions she’s been appointed to make. In short, she’s not the right person for the job.

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