The Big Bang Theory Photos: Will Wilowitz Choose His Girlfriend or Mother?

A new episode of The Big Bang Theory will be airing tonight, but we already have promo photos for the February 17 new episode of the show.

In the episode, Wolowitz thinks about taking his relationship with Bernadette to the next level, but apparently his mother (played by guest star Carol Ann Susi) has something to say about that, prompting him to choose between the two women.

Leonard, meanwhile, decides to rekindle his relationship with Raj’s sister, Priya (played by guest star Aarti Mann). Leonard’s decision leads Amy, as Penny’s best friend, to offer up her unsolicited emotional support.

Please note, this episode is scheduled to run an extra minute long and will end at 8:31 p.m. EST. Below are promo photos from CBS. Don’t miss an all new episode of The Big Bang Theory on Thursday, February 17!

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