Big Brother 12 Week 6 HOH Competition/Nomination Ceremony Recap

Due to CBS assuming that all of America wanted to see a golf game, Big Brother was preempted and complete anarchy erupted here at my house. While I missed some of the insanely boring HOH competition, I did manage to witness the Hell that followed. Plus, from what I hear, said Hell didn’t end at the closing of tonight’s episode.

The HOH competition is still at hand and the show has to go to a commercial break, because the competition is that long. That’s failure number two, CBS. Anyway, the competition got boring for us, but tiring for the Houseguests and I have to wonder if there is extensive counseling for contestants once the show ends. I digress again… To save everybody the trouble, Brendon (annoyingly) made good on his promise and won the HOH competition, putting fear in the heart of the rest of the Houseguests. I’m serious. Their faces spelled such fear of what’s to come that even the devil himself would be crapping his pants. So how does Brendon celebrate? He dedicates his win to Rachel. You would’ve thought that the girl was there with him as he practically talks to her, as if she was standing right beside him. So, folks, the lock is still firmly entrenched around Brendon’s manhood. Brendon also makes his picks for the Have Nots this week and they are, Ragan, Matt, and Britney, or ‘those who wronged Rachel.’ Such an idiot, Brendon.

While Brendon stalks the house and showers off the dirt (and shame) from the competition, Enzo tells Hayden, Britney, and Matt that they should have gotten rid of Brendon instead of playing “mind games” with evicting Rachel. He also announces that he doesn’t care who is up for eviction as long as it’s not him. This ticks Britney off, because she knows that Enzo is not a target this week and is shooting off at the mouth. She then runs and cries in Lane’s arms about possibly being sent home. Watch it there, kids! Showmances are a no no in this Big Brother house!

After that piece of drama, it’s time to see Brendon’s HOH. Do we care? Not really. Do the Houseguests care? Hell no, especially the three Have Nots, who walk to the room in dread. Britney says that she would “rather fall up the steps” in an attempt to get to the HOH room than see it. Hee-hee.

Enzo goes to Brendon to make sure that he’s safe and to see if Brendon is still honoring their new “alliance”. Um, what alliance? Did I miss something? Brendon lays down his candidates for nomination to Enzo, who is upset to find out that they are Britney and Lane. He lets Lane in on Brendon’s plan, which pisses the resident funny man off.

Later, Enzo and Hayden discuss Matt’s apparent friendship with Ragan, which Enzo declares is NOT Brigade. Therefore it needs to be shut down immediately.

Ragan gets another Saboteur task and this time he chooses to refocus the Houseguests’ attention to Annie’s original message of the two long time friends in the house. Instead of playing it straight, Ragan adds some salt to the game by stating that the friends are male and female, which singles out Kathy and Britney, the last two women standing. As much as I want to think that this rattled the Houseguests’ a bit, the betting man in me thinks it didn’t, at least not to the point of making it a focal point for evictions.

Matt and Ragan discuss the logical aspects of Brendon’s ‘game’. Matt states it is the first time that Brendon has actually played as himself and not as Rachel and Brendon. Ragan doesn’t want to kiss the ass of the devil, but Matt tells his ‘showmance partner’ that it might not be such a bad idea after all. Ragan runs to Brendon to cut a deal and form an alliance, but Brendon isn’t completely sold due to how Ragan treated Rachel, which is Brendon’s logic for all of his decisions thus far. After he finishes talking with Ragan, Brendon calls Britney to the room to see where her head is at and get her to kiss his ass. He asks her how bad does she want to stay in the house and Britney says she’s willing to do anything. Poor girl. I would hate having to kiss his ass as well, but like Britney says, you gotta do what you gotta do.

In the end, Brendon throws everyone off at the Nomination Ceremony by sparing Matt and Britney and putting Lane and Ragan on the block. His reasoning is that he wants to see the two floaters fight for their right to stay in the house, which I and everyone in the Big Brother house know is complete bull. I smell a backdooring around the corner.

So what will pop off Wednesday night? Well, Pandora’s Box has reared it’s ugly head again and that can’t be good. Especially if you have read the live feed reports. Do you guys think Brendon is right in his revenge quest for his Milady, Queen Rachel of Wretched? Or is he a complete idiot who will get his ass handed to him next week on a platinum platter?


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