Big Brother 12 Week 9 HOH/Nominations Ceremony

Nothing unexpected happened tonight on Big Brother, but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t entertained, which is a feat this late in the game.

As the four remaining House Guests whine about how much the current HOH competition is to them in the Big Brother diary room. We know this, people. Move on.

As I thought, Britney’s nerves are shot as she kept dropping the balls, while Lane looks on in despair. Enzo and Hayden lead the competition, but Hayden ends up taking the HOH. Britney, better fight like hell…

Before we watch Britney cry, we are subjected to Enzo gloating about how he is pretty much the creator of the Brigade and that with Hayden winning is like he’s winning. Enzo, stop. Now.

Okay, Britney cries about not winning, which was inevitable, but we just had to let you know that for good measure. Later, we see Hayden’s HOH room where Lane balks at seeing Hayden having some “Froo – froo” hair product in his basket. Someone get Lane a damn commercial deal?

Lane later tries to fire up the grill, clearly not knowing what the hell to do. He eventually gets it turned on, but almost burns his pants off in the process. The final four come back into the house to find out that the large table has been switched with the small table. Their perspective is clear. It’s do or die now, hamsters!

Lane and Hayden both discuss game and Lane tries to get Hayden to listen to his pleas of taking him to the final two, but Hayden makes a deal with Enzo instead. Loyalty is screwed in the Brigade, it seems, from now on..

It’s time for a Luxury Competition worth $10,000, which Lane claims he could by plenty of beer and muscle milk, considering the├é┬ápossibilities “heaven”. That get’s a “Wow” on so many levels… Anyway the concept of the game is hide and go seek with coins. Each person has to hide their coin in the house and then later try to find each other’s coin to eliminate the next person. Whoever finds the last coin without their own coin being found wins.

For some odd reason, all of the House Guests decide to hide their coins in within the kitchen area, which is lame. Hayden’s coin is found by Enzo, then Enzo’s coin is found by Britney. The game gets down to Britney and Lane, but Britney comes out on top and wins the $10,000. Enzo’s reaction? Britney has just bought herself a ticket to the jury house. And this is the same guy who called Ragan a sore loser last week… Ass.

More filler arrives with Britney attacking the guys with pillows, because she has gotten tired of them sleeping all day. After that little romp, Britney and Lane discuss her fiancee, which is not what the man who is trying to get with you wants to hear. Lane keeps deflecting all of the good things about Britney’s fiancee, Nick, who Lane thinks is a softee. It is clear that Lane wants Britney, but I don’t think she would like his overt macho attitude, because it will clash with her sweet, but tough personae. Oh well… Meanwhile, Hayden and Enzo discuss the possible outcomes of the game, but come to the already stated conclusion that Britney has to go.

Later, Britney and Hayden talk about the POV, which Hayden knows could be a target on his back if Britney wins. He pretty much tells her that she’s going up on the block, but he does let Big Brother know that he has to stay nice to her. If not, then Britney is pretty much coming from him. However, the question is who will Hayden pick to fill the seat next to Britney. Drumroll please? It’s Lane.

Who do you think will win the Veto come Wednesday night?

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