Big Brother 12 Week 9 POV Competition/Surprise Eviction Ceremony Recap

OK, first and foremost, let me get this off my chest about this “live” surprise eviction mess. We were lied to. Point blank. Period. The “live eviction” went down last night and not tonight. I nearly had an aneurysm when my Twitter feed revealed who went home in a surprise eviction, because I thought I had got my dates mixed up. But alas, that wasn’t the case. Clever, CBS/Big Brother execs, but that was like a low blow to me. Anyway, let’s begin.

We pick up where we left off Sunday after the nominations were held. Immediately, Lane and Britney start working on Hayden to show how dangerous Enzo will be to his game if he makes it to the final two. Hayden hears them, but I think his hair is blocking him from actually listening to them. Enzo on the other hand claims that he feels like a Spartan warrior going in to battle on the night before the POV. Oh, you are so feeling yourself Enzo. It is not cute at all. Trust me.

The POV comes up and it’s the standard “match the House Guest to the event” competition, but this time it is a bit more complicated since the answers (or pictures of the evicted House Guests) are both on the front and back of a movie poster, so the House Guests have to be smart on how to place their posters. While Britney, Enzo, and Hayden are playing their asses off, Lane is walking around like a dunce because he can’t even remember who he put up for eviction the week before. Wow, Lane. Wow. It’s not long before Hayden takes the competition in one try. Britney still feels that she has a shot at getting to Hayden, but Lane is ready to throw her under the bus. Sucks to be Britney now.

The next thing that goes down is pretty damn jacked up. They decide to tell Britney about the Brigade, but Lane doesn’t want her to know this since she will be his vote from the jury house. The way they tell her is in passing conversation and then they just flat out tell her. The way it goes down is like two bullies about to attack their prey. Enzo then tells Britney that the side alliances didn’t mean anything except backup plans. Then Hayden comes in and says that “Sorry, Britney. I’m glad you won $10,000 yesterday”, which lets Britney in on the fact that she is going home. Britney is in near tears and they STILL keep slamming her! She finally breaks and starts crying… It’s painful, and Lane’s game? Completely screwed.

He goes to try to talk to her, but Britney doesn’t want to hear it. Sad thing is that Lane truly has feelings for her, but any chance he had at voicing those went out the window as he, Enzo, and Hayden slaughtered her upstairs.

When the eviction comes, it’s no big surprise as Enzo evicts Britney, who surprisingly took everything really well, except the tought of going to the jury house to suffer the Wrath of Brenchel. Poor girl, my heart goes out to you.

Part one of the final HOH competition begins, which is an endurance challenge that has the three guys being slammed from wall to wall. Lord, isn’t that cruel and unusual punishment? Of course, we left off from this competition and will have to find out who won tomorrow, with part two to be played out live. We leave the Brigade as they have to endure a waterfall now to make the competition a bit challenging. As if being slammed against a wall isn’t challenging enough…

With the finale upon us, do you even care who wins now?

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