Big Brother 12 Week Six Eviction Ceremony Recap

Last night’s Big Brother promised us the biggest blindside in the game ever. While that was the case, I still was left with a sour taste in my mouth until the HOH competition.

Julie Chen greets us with tidings of great joy of what is ahead, but she looks like a blackened Christmas tree with all those necklaces around her neck, so I don’t know what she’s smiling about. Anyway…

We then pick up after the end of the Veto meeting with Ragan lamenting Matt going home due to his nomination. Matt, on the other hand, is a gloating idiot in the Big Brother diary room about having the Diamond Power of Veto and can’t wait to use it to the point that he throws hints at Ragan that he has it. In my world, he would’ve been disqualified even for that, but this isn’t my world and that sucks.

Next, Matt talks to the Hayden and Enzo about the voting process and who were they thinking about going for. Enzo and Hayden beat around the bush on the subject, but brings up that Kathy was the one who told them that Matt was going up. Matt is pissed at this cause Kathy forgot to mention this to him, which Matt thinks is disloyal as hell and a justified reason to put Kathy up as his replacement. Screw you, Matt. You were going to use the Diamond Power of Veto either way to stick it to Brendon, so don’t act all brand new. Outside, Lane asks Hayden and Enzo what the deal is and they give him a clear cut answer: Matt’s going home.

Later, Enzo and Matt talk about possible outcomes and Enzo says something about how they are the Brigade whether they go in the sequester house or not. Matt takes this as Enzo telling him kindly that he’s going home. Matt has another person as a choice to be replaced. He’s not that damn stupid, though. Is he?

Ragan has one last Sabotage mission and it involves leaving a message saying that he knows someone’s secret. That lucky person ends up being Enzo and his reaction is hilarious, but Kathy ends up being the suspect due to her being the last person to be in the room. The rest of the Houseguests agree that Kathy has to be the Saboteur when they “put together” all of the “clues”. Idiots.

It’s time for Julie Chen’s Q&A and the most interesting thing out of this scene is Ragan’s declaration that half a million dollars is not worth him keeping his mouth shut to Rachel, a jury member. I applaud your tenacity, Ragan, but come on. Seriously. A few moments later, Julie announced to the Big Brother house that the Reign of the Saboteur was officially over. Are you sure this time, CBS?

We now meet the families of Britney and Lane, which is CBS’s attempt to label the two a ‘showmance’. Britney’s mother knows her daughter and knows that Lane is Britney’s type of guy. She also knows that Britney is engaged, but wouldn’t mind if Britney brought Lane home instead. Wow, really? Britney’s Mom does feel that her daughter should watch out due to Lane’s commitment to the Brigade. Lane’s folks, on the other hand, think that he will eventually pull Britney and bring her home. Hm.

Now it’s time for the moment of truth and you can practically hear the excitement in Julie Chen’s voice as she preps us for what could be the biggest blow up since last season. Unfortunately for me, that didn’t happen. Matt stood up and blabbed his mouth and then pulled the switch. Everyone else is freaking out. Ragan is on the verge of tears, Britney and Enzo are cracking up, Kathy knows that her time in the house has come to an end. With a vote of 5-0, Kathy leaves the Big Brother house telling everyone that it’s okay. Yea right.

The HOH competition is a version of Simon Says, but is called Big Brother Says, meaning that we won’t have endure another endurance contest. YES! After stiff competition, the game swindles down to only Enzo and Britney being the last two standing, but it’s BRITNEY who wins the HOH and I can’t be happier for her than she is now. Brendon is as good as gone, yall…

But despite the lackluster Diamond Power of Veto reveal, Big Brother made it up by announcing something that is to come next Thursday. Two words: DOUBLE EVICTION!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

Now, I finally have something to look forward to!

Are you as excited about the Double Eviction as I am? I know you are.

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