Big Brother 12 Week Four POV Ceremony Recap

Last night’s Big Brother was tame compared to the Sunday night shout match between Kristen and Rachel, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get any developments, like Rachel and Brendon becoming the most annoying showmance ever.

After the nomination ceremony, Kristen and Hayden whine about their newly minted chopping block status, while Rachel gloats at getting her revenge on all things Anti-Brenchal. But Brendon feels differently and has a come to Jesus talk with Rachel about her catty behavior that could put them at risk of being targets (as if they aren’t already). Rachel throws a tantrum and starts threatening the end of their relationship if Brendon doesn’t get in check and fast. Wow! Meanwhile, Hayden and Kristen lament the fact that they are on the block together and think of scenarios if one of them wins the veto. Rachel, after listening to Brendon’s advice, comes to Hayden and Kristen and apologizes about her comment of “Bring It!” when she put them on the block, which she claims was not a direct attack. Transparent much? Bottom line is that every one is eager to see how the POV competition will play out.

After Britney, Ragan, and Enzo are picked for the Veto competition, they engage in a game that involves pinball machines. The object of the game is to get either a perfect or high score for each round to remain in the game. But for this game, Big Brother has brought back the snatch a prize back, which means that the eliminated players get to pick a prize and pray like hell that the next eliminated Housemate doesn’t want it. And guess what? The Veto is one of those said prizes. Kristen is eliminated first, but she has the luck of a piece of crap as she picks up the Veto as her prize. The next person out is Ragan, who gains a surefire spot in next week’s Veto competition. Enzo bows out with a sweet 3D Plasma TV and Rachel bites it, but gets a Second Chance card, which she uses to put Ragan back in the game. He doesn’t last long.

The final two, Britney and Hayden, go head to head with only Britney coming out on top leaving Hayden with a hippie leotard he must wear for a week. Of course he choses to exchange this monstrosity for the Veto, which Kristen tells Big Brother that she understands his logic. Mmhm. Plus, what is it with Big Brother and leotards? It’s a fetish that is beyond unhealthy. Brtiney wins the game and a day of Solitary Confinement. What?! She then apologizes to Hayden as she give him the card and takes the Veto. Ouch!

Hayden’s solitary confinement consisted of he and Kristen talking and flirting through his jail window, which happens to be the Have Not’s room. As soon as he gets out, Hayden starts scheming left and right. He tries to convince Britney to use the Veto on him and put Kathy up against Kristen, which would ensure Kristen’s stay in the house. Why everyone always wants to get rid of Kathy and not Ragan is beyond me, but I digress. Britney says the will do it only if Hayden talks with Rachel and Brendon first and try to convince them to throw Kathy under the bus… again.

The two showmances meet and discuss forming a Super Alliance of the Showmances, which I know is a complete sham to get in good with them. Rachel and Brendon say that they will put up Kathy if Britney chooses to use the Veto. He then runs to tel Britney the good news and how Brenchal will be PISSED when he puts them up for nomination next week if he got HOH. Then he boasts that they will be remembered for carrying out the biggest game changing moment in Big Brother history. HA!

Later that night, Britney and Rachel discuss the putting up of Kathy in place of Hayden, but Rachel has a change of heart because she hates floaters and Kathy is playing the game in her eyes. So Rachel suggests putting up Lane instead and you can practically hear the brakes being pressed in Britney’s head. Lane is Britney’s new buddy and she can’t have that taken away from her again, so now she’s scared of the impending outcome, while Hayden sits downstairs with a goofy “I’m Safe!” look on his face.

The look doesn’t last too long after Britney declares at the Veto Ceremony that she will NOT be using the Veto, sending Rachel into giggle fit that she has to stifle. Hayden and Kristen face doom Thursday night, so who do you want to go and who do you think should stay and why?

P.S. – CBS, why the hell did you tease Pandora’s Box when we haven’t seen one iota of it? Step your game up, please?

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