Big Brother 13: Potential ‘Dynamic Duo’ Candidates

Big Brother 13 is around the corner and since we’ve already met the eight new cast members and I’ve given my first impressions on the new brood. Now, there is only one factor of this new season to focus on and that is the possible candidates for the Dynamic Duos of the Past twist.

The potential past players are in sequester and won’t be revealed to anyone, including the current Big Brother housemates (who are in the Big Brother house as we speak), until Thursday night during the premiere. The Big Brother websites are abuzz about which past players will make it into the house for another chance at the cool half million cash prize, but while some suggestions and “confirmations” seem like pretty reasonable conclusions, there is something that tells me that I should really wait until Thursday to see things for myself. You’ll see why as you flip through the photos below.

So who could we see entering the house? From what the CBS official Big Brother site shows us, the possible candidates could be either Brendon and Rachel (BB12), Enzo and Hayden (BB12), Jessie and Natalie (BB11), Jeff and Jordan (BB11), Dick and Daniele (BB8) or Mike Boogie and Dr. Will (BB2 and All Stars). In some respects, some of these players are more annoying (Jessie, Natalie, Brendon, and Rachel to name a few) than strategic, but they seem to be CBS’s favorites more than America’s (or rather mine, but that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it). However, Online Big Brother is reporting that BB producers are claiming those aren’t the set in stone candidates and that it might be more pairs than what is showcased on the site. Like OBB, I have a tendency to not buy that B.S. for a second, but the producers are notorious for throwing curveballs our way, which can be a good thing. Just don’t put Jesse and Natalie back in the house and no one will get hurt.

So let’s check out our potential nuisances and/or returning favorites for the summer!

Thanks to Online Big Brother for their report on two of these candidates!


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