Big Brother 13: Changes I Would Like To See This Summer…

Big Brother 13 is just a day away from airing on our TV screens and fans are dying for another summer of backstabbing and hamster bashing to begin. This happy blogger is just as thrilled as the rest of you Big Brother fans, but I’m also a little reserved on some Big Brother tropes that have become pretty tiresome to me. I’m hoping for some sort of change this summer with not only these new (and old) batch of hamsters, but with the game itself. I was pretty let down with the last few episodes of last year’s Big Brother, because it became kind of predictable in some areas, which left me with a “why bother watching?” attitude at the end of the day. So I compiled a brief wish list of changes I hope will be implemented on Big Brother this season. Like I said, it’s a wish list and probably has no chance in hell of ever actually happening this summer, but hey, a boy can dream right?

1) No Huge Alliances

This was at the top of my wish list right after the end of Big Brother 12, because I seriously didn’t care for the Brigade’s ‘dominance’ over the game last year. I prefer sneaky, less obvious alliances because it’s more interesting for me to see a variety of Houseguests make it to the final four instead of seeing four members of a six person alliance dueling it out in the end. I might be a minority with this desire, but I have never cared for large alliances. I never saw the point. Sure there is strength in numbers, but that train of thought is more in line when the group will all achieve a common goal, not when only one or two of the members reap all the benefits.

Be that as it may, I will probably have to reserve this request until next year given the circumstances involving this season’s twist. I wouldn’t be surprised if an “us vs. them” approach will be taken up between the new and old Houseguests once the game begins, but it will be interesting to see how long it lasts or if it is even brought into play. Then there is the whole dominance issue… That sounds like a whole other post in itself, but I digress. Moving on!

2) More Power Plays, Less Playing It Safe

One big pet peeve I have with Big Brother contestants is their tendencies of folding under pressure when it comes to make a big power move in the house. Just when you think a HOH is about to bust someone (for double-crossing them) or evict a powerful player, they sometimes tend to do the complete opposite and end up looking like Droopy the Dog when they’re nominated the next week for eviction. I hope the 8 new Houseguests learned from the past Houseguests’ mistakes and try to apply them this time around. That doesn’t mean they need to attempt to “repeat” power moves from past seasons, though. See Item #5.

3) No Unitards or Silly Costumes. Please.

The BB producers recent “fetish” of putting contestants in outrageous outfits stretching from unitards to banana costumes was funny at first, but has slowly become an eyesore for these sets of eyes. Seeing Jen from BB8 in the unitard was one thing. Seeing Jesse in one was just downright wrong. Speaking of which…

4) No Jesse Appearances. Please.

Every since Big Brother 10, Jesse has returned to the game in some capacity, whether it be a contestant or an annoyance. This must stop, Big Brother producers/CBS. Let your love affair with Jesse go. Or at least stop cramming it down our throats.

5) Leave Past Gameplay Theories in the Past

The say lightening doesn’t strike twice and the same can be applied to the Greatest Moves in Big Brother History. Once these epic game changers happen, they tend to not repeat themselves again. So here’s hoping the newest hamsters realize this and don’t fall into trying repeat the past. The same goes for the returning hamsters as well. New game, new rules. Learn to adapt, people.

So there’s my little wish list for what I would like to happen this summer (or future seasons) on Big Brother. I know I might get a lot of flack for it, but change is good. It’s unpredictable and it can make life, especially for the Big Brother contestants, a hell of a lot more intriguing.

What are some of your wishes for this year’s Big Brother?

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