Big Brother 13: Week Two Live Eviction – What The Hell Just Happened?

Well, I’ll be damned.

Tonight’s live eviction episode of Big Brother clearly solidified my complete hatred for this season’s twist as the eviction and the new HOH has left me reeling and seeing red. Seriously, CBS/Big Brother producers, you have to do better…

Before we get to the hell that was unleashed unto us all, let’s recap what happened after the Veto Ceremony…

Cassi and Shelly were understandably pissed about their newfound predicament, while Rachel practically gloated around the house like Veruca Salt on speed. Shelly felt as if her trust in the Veterans was all for naught, which lead to the resident mother to consider spilling her turncoat vote to Cassi. What would that have accomplished is beyond me, but I guess the ‘secret’ would have given Cassi ammo to campaign against Shelly. Eventually, Shelly didn’t spill the beans (at least on the show tonight) and all was still well between the girls.

Knowing that her head was put on the block due to jealousy, Cassi confronted Rachel about their feud to get to the bottom of Rachel’s hatred towards her. Rachel claimed in her defense that Cassi’s words against Porsche struck a chord with her and that Cassi was just sneaky and couldn’t be trusted. Basically, nothing Rachel said made any logical sense, which was all Cassi needed to tell Rachel how much of an evil spiteful person she was and how she finally understood first hand why no one in America cared for her.

Feeling stung on so many levels, Rachel ran to Jordan to cry about how Cassi took all of Rachel’s weakness and shoved them in her face. Jordan, being a true friend, kindly and calmly explained to Rachel that her mouth and the way she treats people comes across as being “mean.” Before Jordan could lay any more truth into Rachel on a calm level, Brendon showed up and ruined all of that by telling Rachel to not go near Cassi again since she’s a snake. Nice try, Jordan, on trying to talk sense to Rachel, because I would’ve seriously went in on the girl if I was in your shoes.

Cassi next tried her luck with Brendon to see what happened to their ‘deal,’ which was pretty much a lost cause on her part. For one, she went back on the deal herself by trying to get rid of Porsche instead of Keith and second, Brendon is pretty much a bonehead when everything is said and done. However, you can’t knock the girl for trying.

During the live show, Julie Chen introduced us to clips of Adam and Dominic’s respective family and friends. In Adam’s reel, we found out the man weighed a lot more than he does at the moment and that he has a seriously devoted girlfriend, who supports him in his love for Big Brother. For Dominic, we find out from his best friend that he was homeschooled, very sheltered by his mother, and is a virgin. Wow. I don’t think I would want my best friend putting all my business out there. Just saying.

Now we come to the voting portion of the Big Brother eviction and by the tone of Cassi’s speech, I knew she had pretty given up at that point. However, I was not expecting a 9-0 vote for her to be evicted from the house. Not one pity vote was given. What. The. Hell?!

Despite my shock at how the voting turned out, I could see that Dominic, Lawon, Kalia, and Adam probably didn’t want to rock the boat in the house even further by giving Cassi a vote, but I constantly forget that the Newbie alliance is no more and let’s not even discuss The Regulators alliance, which has to be the worst alliance ever in the history of Big Brother. It was snuffed out the week it was formed and has quickly left the mind frame of not only the American audience, but its own members as well.

But none of the eviction portion of this Big Brother‘s episode could beat anything that happened during the HOH competition.

The competition was a True or False competition with the answers compiled from a questionnaire on CBS’s Big Brother website. The game was going steady until one question eliminated three of the last players… leaving Rachel and Brendon as the last two in the competition. I didn’t even get a chance to scream loud enough before Rachel was crowned HOH for a second time this summer.

What did we do to deserve this?

Before I go, Julie Chen announced another change in the Big Brother game will be announced next Thursday. Wonder if the producers are thinking that they shot themselves in the foot this season and need to shake things up a bit?

Your thoughts on the new HOH and Big Brother’ latest casualty?



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